Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 25th April 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 25th April 2023 Written Update

Today's Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 25th April 2023 episode starts with Surili talking to the recovery agent who makes her hear the call recording of Sasha threatening them not to call there again.

The recovery agent seems furious after Surili tries to apologize to her by saying sorry numerous times but that does not work at all.

The agent tells Surili that they are working in an office for a salary and are only doing their assigned work and have no need to hear such irresponsible things from other people.

Surili says that Sasha did not mean anything offensive on that call while the agent says that Surili needs to give an affidavit that her address and contact details are verified and then they can see what they can do.

As Surili tries to talk more, another voice says that Surili and her family are not the real owner of the cafe and he is the real owner.

Surili recognizes the voice as Parvez who is the son of the man who used to do business with her parents and tells him that nothing like this will happen again.

However, Parvez says that he has seen enough of their drama and just wants his money back to which Surili replies that she does not have any money currently but will try to pay him as soon as possible.

Parvez gives a two-week deadline to Surili and asks her to arrange the money within that period or else the cafe will get sealed.

Meanwhile, Shivendra asks Veera to tell him what Surili said to him word for word as he needs to know the entire matter.

Veera tells Shivendra the entire thing that Surili told him which makes Shivendra extremely angry as Surili thinks of him and his family as arrogant rich people due to Damayanti's decision to do such a thing.

Shivendra asks Veera to tell Damayanti that this time, he is staying in the city due to her actions and will not go back until he has asked for forgiveness from Surili and changed his idea regarding him and the Barod family.

At the same time, Harish reminds Madhumalti how she was the one who let Swatilekha do whatever she wanted from her childhood and told him that their daughter would be happy.

Madhumalti says that they should tell Swatilekha about the secret of the royal family and let her decide what she wants to do after that but Harish refuses to do so as they cannot reveal anything about that incident to anyone.

As Madhumalti taunts Harish for always being loyal to the royal family, Harish agrees and says that he needs power behind him to lead in politics and safeguard his family.

Veera comes to Damayanti and tells her that they were a bit too hasty to deal with Surili which has made Shivendra extremely angry.

Damayanti says that fights used to bring more love and closeness earlier as a flashback shows how Shivendra surprised Damayanti on her birthday with his handmade cupcake.

The next morning, Bandish waits for Shivendra to arrive and hands him the laptop with Damayanti on the other side who asks him to return home.

However, Shivendra says that he will not come back until and unless he has changed Surili's notion about the Barod family.

On the other hand, Samvendra and Raghvendra ride their horses and Samvendra tells Raghvendra that Dhanush is the best horse because it belonged to Shivendra which triggers him.

Raghvendra pulls the horse's rope a bit harshly which makes Samvendra fall to the ground and Methi takes him back to the palace.

Manvendra asks Raghvendra what is hurting him inside but Raghvendra does not express himself at all.

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