Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 26th May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 26th May 2023 Written Update

Today's Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 26th May 2023 episode starts with Surili starting to cry and telling Pammi that she was horrified to witness Shivendra getting stabbed in front of her.

Surili says that Shivendra's incident made her remind of her parents from her childhood who died in front of her in an accident.

Pammi gets emotional seeing Surili in such a state and asks her if she can see herself with Shivendra in the future despite what his family did to her and them.

Surili says that Shivendra was not present there or else, he would have stopped it as he is not like his family members.

Pammi points out that Shivendra cannot stay with Surili all the time and his family will never consider her more than a common person trying to cling to royalty.

Surili says that she does not care about others if Shivendra is there with her which leaves Pammi a bit surprised as she did not expect Surili to fall so hard for a man.

Pammi does not say anything further but asks Surili to do everything after thinking a number of times as Sasha's marriage is a living example before their eyes.

Surili smiles at Pammi as she says that she would not keep Surili in her home always and let her leave with her prince charming.

Meanwhile, Raghvendra tells Samar about Shivendra giving approval to him about the project after which they can sign the papers finally.

Samar says that he cannot believe that Raghvendra has to get his brother's approval to go ahead with the project even though he is not present there at the moment.

Raghvendra says that the business belongs to Shivendra and Damayanti before him and he cannot take decisions without getting their approval.

Samar says that he is a bit rash about doing business and has fought with his own family to preserve what legally belongs to him.

As Samar says that he would like to do business with a "man", it offends Raghvendra and he comes to talk to Damayanti regarding the matter.

Damayanti tells Raghvendra to leave if it is about business as Shivendra is not present in the palace to which Raghvendra agrees that Shivendra is never present here.

Raghvendra asks Damayanti why he cannot sign the ecotourism deal with Samar as he is more adapted to Ranakgarh compared to Shivendra.

Damayanti asks Raghvendra not to forget his position as a younger brother which makes him furious and he asks Damayanti why she always showered her love and privileges to Shivendra only.

Hearing Raghvendra, Damayanti gets shocked and asks him if he is saying that she is not a good mother to which Raghvendra replies that she is the best mother but she does not know what her sons like or dislike.

Raghvendra confesses about loving Swatilekha since his childhood and says that Damayanti could never notice that because of her privileged love toward Shivendra.

On the other hand, Shivendra arrives at the cafe and meets Sasha who thanks him for helping her earlier and tells him that Surili is at the beach.

Shivendra comes to the beach and hugs Surili tightly as soon as they make eye contact with each other.

While holding Surili's face in his palms, Shivendra says that he thought of saying many things to Surili but cannot find the right words now.

Shivendra tells Surili that he has fallen in love with her which makes Surili happy with tears in her eyes.

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