Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 27th April 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 27th April 2023 Written Update

Today's Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 27th April 2023 episode starts with Shivendra talking to Sasha on the phone and asking her how she convinced Surili to attend the conference.

Sasha tells Shivendra that she did not inform Surili that he is the CEO of the company which leaves Shiv shocked and he asks Sasha how he will manage things.

Leaving things on Shivendra's side, Sasha asks him to give his personal number to her so that she can contact him directly and Shiv agrees to do so.

Bandish tells Shiv that Surili will not be able to arrange things in such a short period of time but Shiv says that he is sure that Surili will manage everything.

Meanwhile, after Meethi brings Samvendra to the palace, Ambidai asks the guards to escort Samvendra and glares at Meethi for getting close to the prince once again.

Everyone attends to Samvendra to dress his wound and treat him when Damayanti comes there and asks how such an accident happened.

Damayanti says that it is very unlikely for Samvendra to fall from his horse as he has been riding for years and is experienced.

Manvendra tells Damayanti that the horse's control got lost for a bit but she does not seem convinced and asks Raghvendra as he is the eldest among them.

Samvendra says that as soon as he uttered Shivendra's name, his horse got scared as Damayanti is also angry at him but Damayanti does not get entertained on hearing his words.

Madhumalti calls Damayanti but she tells her attendant that she will talk to Madhumalti a bit later which makes her and Swatilekha feel dejected.

Damayanti announces that Samvendra needs some discipline and commands him not to leave his room till the next week which leaves him shocked.

Later, at night, Surili prepares food for Pammi in advance and talks to Woodu asking him to look after the cafe along with Sasha as she does not know many things.

Sasha and Diya come to give Surili suitcases in which she can pack her things while Pammi mocks Sasha by saying that her own daughter betrayed her and destroyed everything.

Surili asks Pammi to calm down and packs everything while she is scared to travel by road after so many years but feels motivated seeing Sasha, Pammi, and Diya encouraging her.

At Surili's request, Pammi sings a lullaby to Sasha, Diya, and Surili while they sleep peacefully in Pammi's lap.

The next morning, Woodu comes and wakes up Surili as the taxi has arrived already and Surili gets ready hastily and sees everyone one last time before leaving.

Sasha informs Shiv that Surili has left home making Shiv smile as he says that he welcomes Sasha with his whole heart to Mahabaleshwar.

Bandish asks Radhika (a staff member) to handle Surili and not let her know that Shiv is the CEO of this company but Radhika says she has to leave for Mumbai.

On her way, Surili gets flashbacks of her childhood when she went on a trip with her parents in a car and met an accident in which both of them ended up dead.

Surili asks the driver if she can sit in the front seat and blasts music to vibe to it along with the driver.

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