Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 2nd May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 2nd May 2023 Written Update

Today's Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 2nd May 2023 episode starts with Shivendra helping Surili out of the pit and asking her to listen to him silently.

Surili sits at a distance from Shivendra and listens to him as he talks about Surili running her own cafe independently in a city like Mumbai by fighting with others.

Shivendra says that a man suddenly tried to take away Surili's self-respect which she has been guarding and making her own by fighting on an everyday basis.

Surili says that not a simple sorry can revert things for her as the damage done is much greater compared to Shivendra's regret.

Shivendra tells Surili that the money was sent by his mother who wanted Surili to take the money and stay away from him.

Telling Surili about Damayanti's delusion that the city and its glamor will snatch away Shivendra from her, Shivendra says that he wants to apologize to Surili for his mother's behavior.

Surili says that she never went close to him so why his mother thinks that she wants to snatch Shivendra from her.

Shivendra says that his mother does not understand these things and sees the situation from another perspective for which he is very much embarrassed.

As Surili asks Shiv why he is apologizing for his mother's deeds, Shiv says that he has always learned that accepting one's shortcomings and apologizing for them are signs of good teachings.

Surili says that they should forget whatever happened and move on as their worlds are very different and they cannot easily with each other without minding those things.

Meanwhile, Sasha calls Shiv's number and talks to Bandish about Surili's number being unreachable, and asking where Shivendra is.

Bandish tells Sasha that Shiv went after Surili and has disappeared somewhere in this dangerous weather, all because Surili threw a fit and left suddenly.

Pammi hears Sasha's conversation with Bandish and starts panicking as Surili is not reachable and is stuck somewhere with an unknown man.

Sasha says sorry for not telling Pammi anything earlier and Pammi starts to burst on Sasha but both of them calm themselves as Diya comes and says that she is playing the role of a tree the next day at her annual function.

Back in the jungle, Shivendra tries to start his car but gets shocked to see that there is no petrol in it.

Surili says that whenever she is with him, things get worse every minute so she thinks they should go their own ways and leave from there.

Shivendra takes out his backpack and decides to go after Surili in the dark jungle so that she does not get into any trouble.

Harish and Swatilekha come to the palace to support Damayanti in this tough situation and help in searching for Shivendra as soon as possible.

Raghvendra tells everyone that neither Shivendra nor Surili's phone can be tracked which is causing a lot of trouble in locating them.

Harish says that he should talk to the cafe where Surili works after Manvendra gets the contact details of the place.

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