Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 2nd April 2022 Episode 21, Celebrity Special This Week

Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 2nd April 2022 Episode 21, Celebrity Special This Week

Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 2nd April 2022 Written Update: Episode 21, Guests Today, Priyank Sharma, Neha Bhasin, Watch full show online

Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan the talent hunt reality show is gaining tremendous popularity among reality tv lovers all over the country.

As the participants are moving towards the finals, competitors are working hard to display the best performances.

In the latest promos of the show Hunarbaaz (2.4.2022), Hunarbaz contestants perform with various celebs and the talent overflows on the HDKS stage.

Priyank Sharma, Sanam, Neha Bhasin, Ustaad Taufiq Qureshi, and various celebs arrive at the Hunarbaaz stage for the celebrity special episode.

In the new Hunarbaaz (2 April 2022) promo, actor and model Priyank Sharma perform with Yo Highness and set the stage on fire.

Later, Mithun Da performs with singer Neha Bhasin as Parineeti and Karan cheer them up.

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Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 2nd April 2022 Episode Update Promo:

Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 2nd April 2022 Written Update:

Today's Hunarbaaz 2nd April 2022 episode starts with Bharti and Harsh welcoming, Neha Bhasin with Rocknaama where they perform a rocking act.

Neha and Shaheen win the hearts of the judges and receive the Behtareen Performance badge. 

The second performance by celebrity Sanam with Sanchita and Subrata amazes the judges after they observe their unique concept of contemporary dance.

Sanchita and Subrata immediately receive the Behtareen Performance buzzer and Parineeti calls the performance as unreal.

Later, Parineeti and Neha present a glamorous performance on the Hunarbaaz stage.

For the third performance, Anirban and renowned Djembe player Ustaad Taufiq Qureshi perform together.

The mesmerizing performance steals the show and receives the Behtareen Performance buzzer.

The judges appreciate the performance and feel honored to have Sir Qureshi on Hunarbaaz's stage.

Anirban receives the honor of being a part of Sir Qureshi's Riyasat.

The fourth performance sets the stage on fire with Priyank and Yo Highness. Yo Highness gets awarded by Behtareen Performance as well.

For the fifth performance, Akash and celebrity Pratik Utekar make the judges emotional with their aerial act.

Their performance reflected Akash's struggles and the risk factor gets them the Behtareen Performance buzzer.

End of Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 2nd April 2022, episode 21.

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