Hustle 2nd December 2023 Written Update, Episode 13

Hustle 2nd December 2023 Written Update, Episode 13

MTV Hustle Season 3.0 2nd December 2023 Written Update: Episode 13, Hustlers, Contestants, Squad Leaders, Best Performers, Watch the full show online on the Jio Cinema app This Week

MTV Hustle 2nd December 2023 Written Update

Today's Hustle 2nd December 2023 episode starts with Riar and Abhijay singing ‘Obsessed’ on the hustle stage by giving their grand entry after which Badshah applauds them.

Badshah tells the contestants that he has a ticket to the finale however, this week there will be double elimination.

Vijay Dada enters the stage first and says that his song’s name is ‘Local’ which will be a tribute to the locals of Mumbai.

After the end of his performance, Badshah gives him a standing ovation and also a radio hit.

Gaush comes in next and sings ‘Dumb It Down’ while constantly interacting with Badshah throughout his performance.

After he is done with his performance, Badshah tells Gaush that he should never dumb it down as he has fire in him.

Mrunal is called onto the stage next and performs her song ‘Mommy Issues’ in her bold yet seductive style.

Badshah tells Mrunal that her performance is a cult classic and the purest expression coming out from a woman while she earns a radio hit.

Bassick is the next performer who says that today he will liven the mood up as in his last performance, he created an eerie atmosphere.

Badshah says that Bassick is the contestant with whom the expectations are very high as he has always given bangers.

100 RBH comes in next, bashing patriarchy and supporting feminism through his mind-blowing song.

Everyone praises 100 RBH for his progressive thinking and calls him a warrior who sets out to make changes.

Burrah is called for the next performance and sings a song as a tribute to 'Vai Guru' while Badshah calls his performance 'Modern Sufism'.

Uday is next and performs 'I Tried My Best' which makes everyone emotional.

Vish comes next and raps in his sing-song way which impresses everyone.

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MTV Hustle 3.0 2nd December 2023 Episode Promo, Written Update

MTV Hustle is back with its third with new talents and hustlers and their unique representations.

The latest promo for this weekend's Hustle 3 (2 December 2023) features Vish delivering his rap performance with immense energy, transforming the stage's atmosphere entirely.

Meanwhile, Vish's performance leaves the judges awestruck, with one of them praising him by likening his rap to Sanandreas, which prompts a hearty laugh from Badshah.

Another promo of MTV Hustle Season 3 (2-12-2023) shows Prince-The Artist, showcasing his rap performance infused with vibrant Punjabi vibes and a unique set of tunes.

Additionally, Prince receives commendation from Badshah, who acknowledges the thoughtfulness of his lyrics and praises the fervor with which he delivered his rap.

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