Imli 17th February 2021 Written Update: Imlie imitates Aditya

Imli 17th February 2021 Written Update: Imlie imitates Aditya

Imli 17th February 2021 Written Episode Update:

Today's Imli 17 February 2021 episode starts with Malini giving Aditya Kadha to drink while denies it at first but later takes it.

Further, Nidhi, Rupali and Malini forcefully make Imlie drink the Kadha to improve her health while she tries to resist drinking it but fails.

Further, she is in the kitchen thinking teat Malini's Kadha worked while Aditya comes there and gives her half of his Kadha to drink.

She tells him that she has already drunk it but he doesn't believe her makes her drink the Kadha.

Malini, Nidhi and Rupali come there and is informed that Imlie drank the Kadha second time by giving her half of his while Malini angrily tells Aditya that she gave Kadha to Imlie also as she cares for him too.

Later, Nishant and others are sat on the sofas of the living room while Imlie imitates the family members to cheer up his mood.

She further does Aditya's impression while Aditya looks at her from behind.

The family members try to warn her but she doesn't understand and accidentally slips about Aditya restring her from entering his room.

Imlie sees Aditya while trying to tell the family members that she was just acting but Adotya accepts that he did restrict her from his room because he hated her at that time.

Imlie goes while the family members berate Aditya and tell him to apologise to Imlie.

Elsewhere, Dev brings handmade soup for Anu while reminiscing her sacrifices for him.

She tells him that it was her love and not sacrifice while feeling says and saying that he is still going to Pagdandiya.

However, Dev assures her that going to Pagdandiya is just a commitment and that he will always come back to her while Dev's mother looks and gets happy.

Aditya apologises to Imlie while she says that she is an idiot to let that thing slip from her tongue.

Aditya assures her that it is okay since he didn't want his family to know the truth from someone else.

The written update of 17 February 2021 Imlie episode full story ends.

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