Imli 23rd December 2020 Written Update: Imlie gets intoxicated

Imli 23rd December 2020 Written Update: Imlie gets intoxicated

Imli 23rd December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update:

Today's Imli 23 December 2020 episode starts with Malini requesting Imlie to do her Mehandi and she agrees to it.

Malini's grandmother tells Anu that they forgot to give the food to the poor to which Anu suggests her to give it to Imlie which makes others uneasy.

However, Imlie accepts saying that it would be an honour for her. Malini's grandmother tells Shashank to bring a drink for her and he gives her a spiked drink.

Malini's grandmother gives Imlie the Shagun money but she only takes a single coin for which she gets praised by Malini's grandmother.

Imlie feels dizzy due to the spiked drink and Shashank takes her to her room while Aditya stops them.

Aditya tells Shashank to go and he thinks that he'll get her next time and goes.

Aditya berates Imlie which she becomes drunk and starts behaving strangely with him which confuses him.

She climbs the kitchen stand and talks about their marriage while Aditya tries to get her down.

Imlie beings the Mehandi cones outside and prepares for doing Malini's Mehandi while feeling dizzy.

Later, the Tripathi's are dancing while they drag Aditya and Malini to the center.

Malini and Aditya give a beautiful dance performance while Imlie remembers her marriage with him.

Everyone dances while Malini drags Imlie and dances with her which makes Aditya feel uncomfortable.

Imlie does Malini's Mehandi by shaking hands which Aditya feels that she is behaving weirdly.

Sundar gives everyone the spiked juice while Aditya drinks it and realises that it has alcohol in it.

He tells Sundar to not give anyone that juice while Imlie suddenly vomits and Aparna rushes to her.

Anu sees that the Mehandi on Malini's hand is ruined and berates the Tripathi's.

She demands to kick Imlie out of the Mehandi function.

The written update of 23 December 2020 Imli (Imlie) episode full story ends.

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