Imli 30th November 2021 Written Update

Imli 30th November 2021 Written Update

Imli 30th November 2021 written update: Imlie written update 

Today's Imli 30th November 2021 starts with Imlie walking alone on the road and talking to herself.

Imlie finds a bench to sleep and sleeps there with fear.

Meanwhile, three goons come there and tease Imlie. Imlie warns them to get away from her.

Goons are about to leave but one of them takes her dupatta and throws it away.

At the same moment, Aryan catches the dupatta and gives it to Imlie, and warns the goons.

Goons ask Aryan if he knows who they are?

Aryan immediately takes his phone and clicks the pictures of them and says their biodata.

One of the goons remembered the past fight with Aryan and all three run from there.

Meanwhile, Malini is happy about her success on Imlie.

Aryan Asks Imlie to come with him but she rejects him and says that she can do anything by herself and she does not need any help.

Aryan takes a book from his pocket and says that she can stay in his home by paying rent. Imlie accepts and sits in the car.

At the same time, Malini looks at Aryan and Imlie and takes a photo.

Malini shows the photo to Aditya and his family and Aditya notices Imlie in the photo.

Later, Rupali calls Imlie but her phone is not reachable and she becomes tense.

In the meantime, a party happens in Aryan’s house and Aryan enters the house with Imlie.

End of today's (30th November 2021) Imli written episode.

Upcoming Imli episode update: Aryan talks with Imlie and says that he is not an idiot to be part of her life.

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