Imli 7th April 2021 Written Update: Aditya to surprise by Imlie

Imli 7th April 2021 Written Update: Aditya to surprise by Imlie

Imli 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Imlie written update

Today's Imli 7 April 2021 episode starts with Imlie feeling bad watching Malini and Aditya together.

Dev comes and consoles Imlie and says that she should always be authentic and true to her feelings.

He says she should not accept those relationships which are just sugarcoated with fake feelings rather accept those which may be bitter but will give her forever happiness.

Meanwhile, Anu tells Malini to find out the truth and play tricks with Aditya so that one day he will reveal the truth.

Later, Malini tells Aditya she will be staying with Dev and come home the next morning. Aditya accepts Malini’s request but gets furious when Malini asks Imlie to stay along with her.

Malini gets upset to know that Aditya is more concerned for Imlie and not her.

Further, Aditya surprises Imlie with balloons, soft toys, and flowers that she loves the most.

Aditya tells Imlie that he has fallen in love with her and their relationship. He wants Imlie to be with him always.

But he is afraid to tell this to Malini as he doesn’t want to hurt her and earlier whenever he tried to tell the truth to her she became unconscious.

Later, Malini gets worried for Aditya as it had been a long time since he had left with Imlie. She calls Nishant but Aparna takes the call.

Aparna gets upset to know that Malini was not going to come back home and becomes worried for Aditya and Imlie since they haven’t reached home.

Nishant says to himself that there is some mishappening with Aditya and he must talk to him.

The written update of 7 April 2021 Imlie (हिंदी में इमली written in Hindi) episode full story ends.

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