Imlie 10th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 10th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Indira telling Surya that for Imlie still, her first husband is her priority who is not in this world.

After that, his uncle also says that it's good that she left the house because this marriage is baseless and won't work for years.

Then, Surya asks Indira to keep herself in Imlie's position and think about how she would be feeling after which Hemlata takes Surya's side which provokes her husband's anger and he yells at her.

Anjali asks Surya to not take the blame for himself after which Hemlata asks her to not interrupt Surya and Imlie's matter as they can sort it out on their own.

Malti speaks on Anjali's behalf and says that she is her best friend and she has started considering herself as a part of their family which is why she advised him.

Meanwhile, Surya decides to go and search Imlie while Indira curses Imlie and says that she has created chaos in her family after marrying Surya.

Surya goes outside after which Anjali comes behind him and asks for an apology from him and says that she does want to tell the truth in such a way to Imlie.

Anjali asks Surya to leave Imlie alone for some time so that she can process things and make a decision whereas a few men try to misbehave with Imlie but she does not pay attention to them.

Then those men try to touch her after which Imlie ruthlessly beats those anger and cries loudly recalling that Surya is responsible for Augustya's demise.

After that, those men go away from there while Imlie shatters and says that she does not have anyone in her life with whom she can share her grief.

Anyhow, she collects courage and decides to leave the city while Surya and Anjali go to search for Imli and they meet those men whom Imlie beat after which Surya gets to know from them that Imlie has gone away from there.

On the other hand, Imlie comes to a place and keeps her cycle aside after which she takes shelter beneath a shed, and sleeps because she is tired.

Meanwhile, Inidra asks Hemlata's husband to call Surya and ask him to come back home whereas Malti says that due to Imlie Anjali is also suffering after which Hemlata says that no one asked her to go along with Surya.

Surya refuses to come back home without Imlie and he sends Anjali back home and after that, Surya reaches the place where Imlie is sleeping.

He takes Imlie's name and asks where is she after which she wakes up and recalls that Surya was saying that he didn't want to let Imlie know that Augustya died because of him.

Imlie murmurs that Surya is a liar and she won't reply to him nor she will go along with him back to the house.    

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