Imlie 10th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 10th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 10th February 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 10th February 2023 episode starts with Atharva telling Cheeni that he and Imlie are just good friends.

However, Cheeni tells him that Imlie is his biggest enemy since she is trying to separate him from his first love.

Atharva tells Cheeni that Imlie has given him the courage to face the truth and shakes Cheeni while telling her that she was his love before but not anymore.

Elsewhere, Rupi looks at the jewelry set she has decided to gift Cheeni and wonders if she'll like it or not while Arpita and Sundar console her saying that they three will share the emotions of bidding goodbye to Cheeni.

Imlie sees them and wishes that Cheeni loses all her selfishness somehow and goes to the hall as the marriage rituals start.

Keya and Anu taunt Imlie while Imlie ignites them after telling them to save their envy for something else.

Meanwhile, on the terrace, Cheeni asks Atharva if he will marry her or not while Atharva responds that he has already made the mistake of marrying without love once and does not want to make the same mistake again.

Atharva leaves while Cheeni falls to the ground, realizing that she truly loved Atharva but lost him.

Later, Chini is called to the Mandap while she is seen standing near the door.

Imlie helps Cheeni walk towards the Mandap while whispering into her ear to not marry Abhishek for his money.

As Cheeni sits beside Abhishek, he says that this moment was worth the wait.

Just then, Chini stands up and says that she cannot marry Abhishek.

Imlie wonders if her wish came true while Abhishek gets frantic and asks Cheeni why they can not get married.

Cheeni tells Abhishek that he already knows the answer which is that she does not love him.

Abhi tells her that he loves her enough for the both of them while Cheeni tells him that she has also realized just now that one-sided love cannot achieve anything.

Cheeni looks towards Atharva as she says that she has finally realized her true feeling and dares to voice them out to everyone.

Abhi tries to convince Cheeni by telling her that he won't do any charity without her permission and even offers to give her all of his property.

Rudra and Devika feel bad and wonder whom to console while Abhi whips out his checkbook and gives it to Cheeni.

However, Cheeni shockingly throws it into the holy fire and says that she knows she always valued materialistic things over family values and other things.

Cheeni says that she thought she was different but now she realized that even she can get hurt, even heartbroken.

Cheeni walks up to Atharva and tells him that she loves him and requests him to accept her.

Atharva tells her that he does not love her anymore while Rupy comes forward and slaps Chini.

Rupy scolds Cheeni for asking her sister's husband such a question while Chini reasons that she just got the courage to confess her love.

She apologizes to Abhishek and tells him that had she realized her true feelings sooner, both of them would not have had to suffer so much.

Lastly, Cheeni leaves the hall while all the people's eyes are only on her.

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