Imlie 10th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 10th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 10th January 2024 episode starts with Vishwa and Imlie getting married however everyone else along with Vishwa falls to the ground getting unconscious.

A few days ago, Imlie is lying unconscious and holding Agastya's hand tightly.

Vishwa goes to his room angrily while Navya asks what is he doing to which he says that he will not rest until the killer is caught.

Meanwhile, Imlie wakes up and sees that she is in Agastya's lap who is sleeping.

She immediately closes her eyes back as she knows he will go away if he finds out that she has woken up.

Agastya realizes that Imlie has woken up so he gets up and leaves however on his way he encounters Vishwa's room and sees that Vishwa can hear every voice around Imlie with his ear device.

Meanwhile, Meera goes to the Shiv temple and starts crying over there thinking that all her life everyone she loved left her or was taken away from her.

She then says that Imlie and Agastya belong together however Vishwa is not letting it happen as he does not know that Kunal did not kill Tej but the killer did.

The pandit asks her how she knows this to which she says that Tej was a very good person as he helped her a lot in setting up a business with her however Kunal did not consent to it as she was a bar dancer.

She continues to say that night she went to Tej's room to ask for forgiveness on Kunal's behalf when she saw the killer murdering Tej which made Kunal buy off the business at a very viable price.

Meera says that Kunal was selfish but not a killer.

Later, Agastya goes to Imlie's room and starts searching for the mic that Vishwa planted near her.

Vishwa hears something so he heads straight for Imlie's room which makes Agastya hide behind the door.

Vishwa sees him and asks what is he doing over there to which Agastya says that he knows that Vishwa has planted a mic for Imlie.

Vishwa asks Agastya to get out to which Agastya says that he will not rest until he has caught him red-handed.

The next day, Avinash and Chutki are shocked to find out that today is Vishwa and Imlie's Mehandi function.

Agastya calls Imlie, Vishwa, and Navya and apologizes to Vishwa for his behavior last night after which he tells Chutki the truth about his marriage with Imlie.

He then asks Imlie for one last chance to make things right after which he tells everyone to go and get ready.

A policeman comes and hands the killer's mask and then tells Vishwa that there was a woman present that day along with them too.

Later, Imlie is getting ready when Agastya comes in and says that he is not going to create any problem to which Imlie says that she has no right to be angry with him as she has no right over him.

He gives Imlie some jewelry as he knows that Vishwa has planted the mic on Imlie's jewelry so he starts taking them off and replacing them with his.

Imlie looks at Agastya as he adorns her with precious stones.

Agastya then takes out a ring that he always wanted to give her and takes her hand to make her wear it.

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