Imlie 10th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 10th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 10th June 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 10th June 2023 episode starts with Imlie wandering through the garden at night making a sad expression and remembering Atharva's severe treatment towards her.

She sits on the side, tears welling up in her eyes as she recalls how Atharva saw Imlie as a curse in his life.

Meanwhile, Aharva can be seen on the other side of the garden, sitting on a bench and ruminating on Imlie's betrayal.

However, a strong wind blows the photographs Imlie is holding, and she goes after them but accidentally collides with Atharva.

They both stare at one other, and Atharva screams angrily at Imlie to stop trying to get close to him.

Imlie irritated maintains she was going for the pictures, but how can she know Atharva is out like a bhatakti aatma this late at night.

Atharva confidently claims it's his house as well and queries why he will hide in his own house, to which Imlie harshly responds that he has been an expert in hide and seek for the past 5 years.

Further, Imlie walks away while Cheeni and Keya observe.

Cheeni feels uncomfortable seeing Imlie and Atharva so close, while Keya attempts to persuade her to bring out her vile side and separate Imlie from Atharva altogether.

Imlie enters Kerry's room, and Kerry notices Imlie calling her princess mumma and demands a story.

Further, Imlie urges her to sleep because it is too late, while Atharva enters the room and asks whether Imlie believes he is a bhatakti aatma.

When Atharva sees Kerry he smiles and invites her to come with him yet warning Imlie to quit looking for methods to be near to him.

Imlie grabs Kerry and tells her she is going to tell a story about an awful king named Satharva.

Kerry laughs because it rhymes with Atharva's name and Imlie adds how terrible and beastly the king was, to which Atharva leaps on the bed and declares that he, too, would tell a story about a nasty lady named Timli.

They begin arguing in hushed tones when Cheeni arrives and claims that Kerry is already asleep and demands that they recite a pleasant story next time since Kerry deserves all the happiness.

Cheeni takes Kerry and walks away, while Atharva follows her and casts Imlie angry looks.

Just then, Cheeni puts Kerry into bed confirms to Atharva that she will sleep in the guest room and return early in the morning, to which Atharva claims she sleeps in the room as anyone may suspect.

She grabs a pillow and decides to sleep on the sofa, but Atharva stops her and insists she sleep on the bed, to which Cheeni responds with a lowkey smile.

Cheeni sleeps next to Kerry while Atharva grabbing a pillow decides to sleep on the couch which upsets her again.

Kerry wakes up again and demands to go into Imlie's room, but Cheeni diverts her attention by reading her a bedtime tale.

Cheeni eventually falls asleep and Kerry, getting out of bed silently, decides to visit Imlie.

Everyone arrives in the morning and Atharva and Cheeni fear because they can't locate Kerry anywhere and Imlie attempts to inform them about Kerry, but Atharva silences her.

When Imlie alleges Kerry slept in her room the night before, Atharva becomes enraged and questions her audacity to take Kerry from their bedroom.

Kerry, on the other hand, enters and states that she went to Imlie's room voluntarily.

Imlie adds that because it is Rudra and Devika's anniversary today, she thought of notifying Atharva about Kerry after wishing them.

Later, the anniversary preparations begin, and Imlie and Dhairya hold a love poster together which irritates Atharva who refuses to use it because it has been cursed by Imlie and Dhairya's touch.

Cheeni phones Anu and tells her worriedly that Kerry is only pursuing Imlie which Anu believes is obvious because she has her mother back.

She presents Cheeni with a plan for separating Imlie and Kerry.

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