Imlie 10th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 10th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 10th March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 10th March 2023 episode starts with Devika explaining to Atharva the value of Imlie in his life, while Sundar and Rupi are doing the same for Imlie.

Devika then suggests Atharva to confess his love for Imlie and prove to her that all of this is not part of the plan, to which Atharva responds that he will never go against Imlie and will do whatever makes her happy.

Meanwhile, as Cheeni walks out of the Rana mansion, Imlie stops her and says, if Cheeni felt bad for Imlie's words, that's up to her and she doesn't care.

She goes on to say that she used to give Cheeni everything, but now she won't let her take away her family.

Imlie notices her dupatta in Cheeni's bag and orders her to return it.

Meanwhile, Atharva stands there, seeing everything, and realizes that even with everything right in front of him, he couldn't see the truth.

Atharva stops Imlie and holds her hand romantically, confessing from the start that it was her poems and that dupatta that drew him to Imlie even more, but due to Cheeni's interference, he couldn't see the reality.

He goes on to say that Imlie is his best friend and if she decides to stay, he will be the happiest person on Earth.

Imlie responds by mocking Cheeni, telling her that there is nothing left in the house and that she should leave now.

Atharva then grabs Imlie's hand and asks if she wants to stay with the Rana family, to which she nods her head, and Atharva's face blushes, and they both begin gazing into each other's eyes passionately.

While Atharva and Imlie are in the room, Atharva becomes awkward and says he still can't believe Imlie stayed in the family for him.

Imlie claims that he still doesn't understand why she stayed in the house while romantically engrossed in him.

Atharva hesitantly asks Imlie to confess if she has any feelings for him, as she did when she said 'I friend you'.

When Imlie does not speak, Atharva claims that he knew and should have understood on his own, but Imlie interrupts and confesses her love for Atharva.

Suddenly, the room fills with smoke, and as Imlie goes to open the window to let the smoke out, she notices Atharva isn't there.

Imlie goes downstairs while calling everyone, and she notices that everything is messed up in the hall and there are footprints on the carpet.

She quickly follows the footprints outside the mansion and notices the security guards on the floor, starting to realize that this is all part of Cheeni's plan to kidnap the Rana family and steal everything from her.

Meanwhile, a group of men kidnaps the entire Rana family in a godown, and they keep crying and shouting because they have no idea what is going on.

Cheeni enters and claims that she is the one who organized the whole trick and she will marry Atharva today irrespectively.

Cheeni goes to touch Devika's feet for blessings and addresses her and Rudra as mom and dad.

Atharva describes Cheeni as a psycho who has completely lost her mind.

Cheeni claims that it is her efforts for her love of life, Arto, who has been constantly distracted by Imlie.

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