Imlie 10th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 10th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Binni telling Imli that she is correct that the child developing inside her womb does not belong to Augusta.

Imli gets shocked but Binni tells her that she will give Augustya's name to her child because his real father is a very bad human.

Binni says that she will lie to everyone throughout her life for the betterment of her child whereas another maid asks Surya about Raghu.

Surya tells her that he is still searching for him whereas Imli searches for the photo and notices Surya also searching for something.

She asks him if he is trying to help her after which he nods his head and they go to the kitchen to search for the photo but still fail to find it.

Then, after reaching there Imli learns that Surya is searching for his phone which makes her angry and she yells at him.

Surya says that it is not his family so he does not want to take stress on them after which Imli yells at him and says that she is enough to look after the family.

Meanwhile, Binni searches for the photo in Imli's room, and Imli comes there after which Binni hides behind the curtain The phone is also lying there and suddenly it starts ringing.

Binni hides properly after which Imli notices Surya's phone and she receives a call on his phone from the constable.

He asks her to inform Surya to come there soon whereas Dadi meets Binni and requests her to make up her mind to marry Surya soon otherwise Imli will eat him also.

Binni agrees to her but asks for Dadi's help in keeping Surya away from Dadi so she agrees to help Binni whereas Imli goes to give the phone to Surya and she notices that Dadi is applying hair in Surya's hair.

Dadi asks Surya to marry soon after which Surya says that he needs some time while Dadi asks him if there is someone else in his life.

Surya says that nothing is like that whereas Dadi asks him if he is thinking that Binni is his sister-in-law and he is feeling awkward in marrying her.

Then, he says that he is feeling the same and he does not want to deceive his brother by marrying Binni.

Meanwhile, Dadi notices Imli standing there then Surya yells at her for again following him but Imli tells him that she came there to hand over his phone to him.

On the other hand, Binni goes to the place where the robbery is going to take place to alert the thief whereas Surya wonders who would have alerted him after which the constable tells him that he informed about it to Imli so that she can tell him.

Later, Imli recalls that the photo was kept beside her bed and she goes to check it while Surya comes there and taunts her.

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