Imlie 10th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 10th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 10th May 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 10th May 2023 episode starts with Kerry questioning Cheeni on why she has kept Kerry away from Imlie all these years.

This surprises Cheeni, while Imlie answers the phone and says, "Kerry is mentioning the pickle, Imlie."

When Cheeni hears Imlie's voice, she inquires about her identity, and Imlie introduces herself as the summer camp director, but Cheeni is unable to hear this owing to a network issue.

Atharva, intrigued, takes the phone from Cheeni and asks her to deliver it to Kerry, while Imlie says she is going to call them later due to a network problem.

Atharva anxiously asks Cheeni whether everything is fine, to which Cheeni responds with a smile but Cheeni herself is stunned as she believes she hears Imlie's voice.

Imlie brings Kerry to the park, and as they sit there, she questions Kerry about the dance she was attempting to organize earlier.

Kerry responds with a guitar, claiming that she can still make people dance.

Imlie calms Kerry when the strings of the guitar get detached and says she will get another guitar for her, but Kerry informs her that this is extremely important because it has been given to her by her father.

Imlie considers mending it and asks Kerry to enjoy the camp until then. 

While Cheeni is at home, she considers calling the Rana family and inquiring about Imlie.

Cheeni calls, and as Rudra answers the phone, she changes her voice and inquires about Cheeni, to which Rudra responds that she is at work.

Rudra yells at her again, saying that he knows she is some employee who is continually bothering him to take a loan and hangs up the phone, while Cheeni relaxes and plans on going to the market.

Meanwhile, Atharva is mending a guitar at the shop when a man stops by and asks if he is Dj Arto, which Atharva denies and later mutters angrily that Imlie has destroyed his entire career.

However, Imlie arrives at the market with the guitar and searches for a shop as the weather worsens.

Atharva then confronts a man who asks whether he can fix the guitar, which Atharva recognizes as Kerry's guitar.

The man claims that the director herself came to offer him the instrument, but owing to the weather, he advised her to sit in the car.

While Imlie passes a jewelry store, she asks the owner to prepare personalized bracelets for children and Atharva decides to mend the guitar quickly and meet the director.

However, the man phones Imlie and informs her that Kerry's father is repairing the guitar and is eager to see her, as Imlie also would like to meet Kerry's father.

While Imlie waits, Atharva is on his way to meet Imlie when the rain begins to fall severely, forcing Imlie to get inside the car.

Imlie is unable to lower the glass due to rain, while Atharva thanks her for allowing Kerry to join the camp.

He instructs Imlie to keep the car running since traffic has risen, and later as Imlie arrives at the camp and presents Kerry the guitar, she is overjoyed and says that Imlie loves her like a mother.

However, Imlie becomes ill as a result of getting drenched from the rain, and Kerry, holding her hand, orders her to change her clothes and relax, and asks Monica to bring her hot soup.

Kerry makes Imlie sip soup, which makes Imlie smile while Cheeni enters the camp, covering her face, to find out if Imlie is in Goa or not.

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