Imlie 10th May 2024 Written Update

Imlie 10th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Anjali colliding with Imlie after which the poison bottle slips from Anjali’s hand.

Imlie does not recognize her whereas Anjali runs away from there and Imlie notices the posion’s bottle which makes her anxious.

She runs behind her but cannot find her but suddenly Anjali’s face gets uncovered, and Bulbul comes there and asks Imlie what happened.

Imlie tells her that Anjali bought poison at the wedding after which Bulbul and Imlie run behind her but Anjali runs at a very high speed due to which Imlie is not able to catch her.

Then, she takes a stone and throws it at Anjali due to which she falls on the road and Imlie catches her along with Bulbul.

Imlie asks Anjali why she bought poison at the wedding but Anjal does not tell her anything after which Imlie scolds her.

Then, Anjali tells her that she bought poison for Imlie but Surya takes the glass of juice in which she mixes the poison which makes Imlie anxious.

Imlie instead of scolding her runs away from there to look after Surya while Bulbul handles Anjali and takes her in front of Surya.

Meanwhile, Surya helps Pallavi manage the work and after that, he is about to drink the juice but Imlie quickly comes there and throws away the glass of juice from his hand.

Pallavi scolds Imlie and asks her if she has paid the bill for juice after which Imlie tells her that someone mixed poison in Surya’s juice.

Everyone becomes choked while Bulbul brings Anjali over there and says that she is the culprit while Surya is shocked to see Anjali over there.

Anjali tells Surya that she can give her own life for him but she mixes poison in Imlie’s juice which makes Surya angry and he yells at her.

Meanwhile, Anjali yells at Imlie for snatching Surya from her and she tells Imlie that Surya has started loving her as he has accepted it in front of everyone.

Surys says that he will send Anjali to jail because she tried to kill Imlie but Imlie requests him to not arrest Anjali after which Surya gives a last warning to Anjali and lets her go from there.

After that, Bulbul’s vidai takes place and Surya asks for an apology from Imlie on Anjali’s behalf while Anjali goes to meet Amrit and asks for his help to get rid of Imlie.

On the other hand, Surya tries to console Pallavi as she is unfortunate after Bulbul’s video while Surya searches for Imlie but she has already reached Reddy's house.

Imlie decides to leave the city and directly go to Banaras but she recalls the good days that she spent with Surya in the house.

She recalls how Surya helped her at each point while Imlie meets Indira before leaving and gives the papers to Indira but she asks Imlie how she got ready to sign the divorce papers while Imlie does not say anything.

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