Imlie 10th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 10th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 10th September 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 10th September 2023 episode starts with Imlie looking at Choti through the window as she gets taken away by the police.

She tells Choti that no one can separate them and cries that she will come back.

Ajay refuses to part with Choti!

On the other hand, Rudra requests Vivek to keep their business differences aside and tell his son to return their granddaughter.

Vivek states that he wants Rudra to fall to his knees while Ajay comes there and stops Rudra from agreeing.

He states that he apologizes for Vivek's behaviour but he cannot give his daughter and says that he will take good care of them.

The next day, the Rana family arrives at the police station with lawyer Vijay who asks the police officer why Imlie was arrested.

The officer informs them that Imlie tried to steal the baby from Manchanda's and tells them to prepare bail orders as there is a long weekend holiday at court.

Meanwhile, inside the jail cell, the ladies fight with Imlie and steal Choti's bangle from her hand while hitting her head.

The police put Imlie in the jeep to take her to the hospital while Imlie opened her house and escaped from there as it was a part of her plan with the help of the ladies inside the jail cell.

Imlie reunites with Choti!

The Inspector informs the Manchanda family about Imlie's escape when there is a fire in their house.

Vivek rushes to open the door and shouts that it must be Imlie's doing while Imlie runs inside and saves Choti.

Imlie comes out of the room and Pooja takes the baby from her while the police come there and arrest her for causing fire to the Manchanda's house.

As the police are taking away Imlie who continues to state that she did not cause the fire, Pooja comes there and accepts that it was the servant's fault.

She apologizes for causing pain to Imlie by separating her from her child and returns Choti to her while taking back the complaint.

Later, Atharva, Imlie, Choti, and Kairi are going home in their car when they get into an accident with a truck while Atharva swerves the car hitting a tree.

Anu smirks saying that if fate is causing so many problems for Imlie, she will also take part and steal the children once again.

Imlie and Atharva regain consciousness and run after Anu who gets into a truck and escapes.

Imlie prays to Sita Maiyaa when a lorrey comes there with Bal Gopal.

Anu kidnaps the kids again

The couple gets into the lorry and drives after the truck which breaks down in the middle of the road, making Anu's plan fail.

Imlie slaps Anu tightly and takes back her children while Anu does drama and attracts the crowd telling them that Imlie and Atharva are stealing her children.

However, Imlie makes the crowd back off by telling them that these kids are hers and she will bring down wrath on anyone who tries to take them away from her.

As Imlie and Atharva go to the banks of the Yamuna River, Anu comes there with a gun and fires it into the air to scare off Imlie, Atharva, and the kids.

To save the children, Imlie and Atharva make Kairi and Choti sit in a bowl-like boat and tell her to be brave and care of her sister while Kairi cries that she does not want to go.

Atharva-Imlie die!

They send off the boat into the Yamuna river after which Anu comes there and aims the gun at Imlie telling her that she is not going to leave her today.

Atharva comes in between and gets shot while Imlie gets angry and throws a stick at Anu which hits her arm.

Imlie tells Atharva that she won't let anything happen to him when Anu shoots her too aiming right at her heart.

Both Atharva and Imlie fall on the dry grass on the bank of the Yamuna River as they give up their last breaths in each other's arms.

The couple waves their children goodbye as they take their last breaths and hold each other's hands leaving the earth.

Later, the police inform the Rana family about Imlie and Atharva's deaths while the children are still missing.

Meanwhile, Anu watches the kids wash away while she calls someone and tells the person to take care of the two kids she is sending their way while telling her to make sure that her life continues to be filled with misery.

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