Imlie 11th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 11th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya searching for Imlie and asking her to answer him.

Meanwhile, Anjali awaits Surya while Imlie does not respond to Surya and sleeps there while Surya goes from there.

Later on, the next day Jugnu spills water on Imlie unknowingly after which she wakes up and Jugnu asks for an apology from her and asks why was she sleeping there.

Imlie tells him that her life is complicated and she does not want to live along with Surya because of him she is suffering a lot after which Jugnu terrifies her and says that he will complain to Dadi about her.

Then, she allows him to call Dadi and ask why she fixed her wedding with the person who is responsible for Augustya's demise while Indira calls Surya and asks him to return home but he refuses and says that he won't come without Imlie.

After that, he cuts the call while Jugnu asks for tea from Surya because he is sitting at his stall after which Surya asks why didn't go along with Dadi.

Jugnu does not say anything after which Surya asks him to bring Augustya's favorite thing as he wants to eat it after which Jugnu yells at him and says that he is responsible for Augustya's demise.

Surya asks this thing intentionally to know if Imlie is along with him or not after which he goes inside the stall and notices Imlie sitting over there and asks her to come along with him.

He tells Imlie that he wanted to tell her the truth from day one but Dadi asked him to not tell her that's why he never told her after which Imlie puts gun on his forehead and asks him to never come in front of her eyes otherwise she will kill him.

On the other hand, Raghu is also there and he wishes Imlie to not return along with Surya because he wants to take revenge on her when Surya returns home.

Hemlata asks Surya about Imlie after which he tells her that Imlie has refused to return while Nirmala thanks god and decides to fix his wedding with another woman.

Surya says that he cannot break his rules and clearly says that he will keep on convincing Imlie unless she returns home after which Indira says that all these things will hurt her emotions and self-respect.

Indira asks him to move on in his life but he says that he will always look after Imlie and Surya tells them that he wants to do everything for Imlie that Augustya wanted after which he goes from there.

Then, Indira decides to go and meet Imlie at Jugnu's place to warn her while Jugnu asks Imlie to return home because his dhaba is not a safe place for her to live.

Imlie refuses and says that she will live there only after which Nirmala and Indira notice her and asks her to never return to their house and live in this village forever.    

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