Imlie 11th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 11th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 11th February 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 11th February 2023 episode starts with Cheeni removing her accessories while Imlie comes there to confront her.

Chini states that she does not want to argue while Imlie says that she is there to question her and not argue with her.

Chini gets annoyed when Imlie asks her if she still doesn't know about love and that she took Atharva's name after breaking her alliance with Abhishek.

Saying that she loves Atharva, Cheeni states that this is why she took his name.

Imlie asks her if she likes Atharva just the way she liked the surname Rathod and everything that belonged to her.

Cheeni cries that it was her right since Imlie and Aryan were hers first and she came afterward.

Imlie argues that even then she considered Cheeni her everything but Cheeni always took everything from her.

Cheeni misunderstands and accuses Imlie of pitying her while telling Imlie that she realizes now she always considered Cheeni to be less than her.

However, Imlie reasons that it was her who thought negatively of her life and asks Cheeni if she does not believe that Cheeni truly loves Atharva.

Cheeni cries as she admits that she had made Atharva a target of her interest in the past but his truthfulness made her love in love with him.

Imlie leaves from there while Cheeni says that she wishes she is alive for the day when Imlie and Atharva truly believe in her love.

Meanwhile, in the hall, Rupi and the Rathod family apologize to Abhi while Abhi questions them why they hid such a big thing from him.

He reasons that he would have never agreed to the marriage if he knew that Cheeni loves someone else.

Imlie comes forward saying that she tried to tell him the truth many times but Abhi complains that none of her attempts were successful.

At last, Abhishek states that he does not believe Cheeni can love anyone truly and tells Imlie to understand what he is trying to say.

As Abhi is leaving, he comes in front of Atharva who apologizes for everything saying that it is his fault.

Abhi tells Atharva that he considered Arto to be his good friend but Atharva could not even get the courage to tell him the truth to his face.

Elsewhere, Rupi and Arpita cry, feeling responsible for not being able to take care of Cheeni and ruining Imlie's life.

Imlie tries to console the family members while Rupi reminds her that Cheeni has announced publically that she will snatch Atharva from her.

Atharva overhears their conversation while Imlie says that Cheeni cannot snatch Atharva from her since Atharva is not hers to begin with.

Imlie gives a broken smile as she states that she and Atharva are only friends.

Imlie makes the family members go to their rooms and turns to find Atharva standing there.

She asks him how long has he been standing there and Atharva states that since she started drawing boundaries.

Atharva thanks Imlie for helping him realize that he does not love Cheeni and leaves while Imlie thinks that she knows she loves him but will never admit it out loud to his face.

On the other hand, Cheeni wallows in her misery of not being able to get Atharva while Anu brainwashes her.

Being influenced by Anu, Cheeni considers Imlie to be the villain in her love story and states that she will make both Atharva and Imlie realize her love for Atharva.

Elsewhere, Rudra gives Atharva a ticket to London while telling him that he should go away from Delhi and the bad influence (Cheeni) for a few days.

Rudra states that Cheeni has manipulated Atharva in the past a lot and he does not want to take any risks.

Atharva goes to Devika but she tells him to listen to his father.

Back in Cheeni's room, Anu tells Cheeni that she does not need to be in love with Atharva to get back at Imlie as she recalls how Malini's life was ruined over her love for Aditya.

However, Cheeni has a crazed look in her eyes as she states that she will get Atharva at any cost.

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