Imlie 11th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 11th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 11th January 2024 episode starts with Imlie withdrawing her hand back saying that she does not want to take off the ring that she is already wearing as she can't move on in her life with the burden of old memories.

Agastya asks what is wrong with Imlie to which she says that he knows very well what led to Agastya's good behavior and why is he doing all this and then she kicks him out of the room.

The next day, Shivani is against Imlie's marriage to which Navya says that she is her daughter-in-law and that is why should go and get ready.

Imlie asks everyone to leave as the Mehandi function is over.

Agastya comes and says that she has yet not written Vishwa's name on her hands and he has decided to do the honors himself.

Meanwhile, Vishwa finds some of the killer's blood amongst the evidence while he hears on his earpiece that Agastya tells Imlie how he can't see her getting married to Vishwa and will soon be one with Imlie.

Imlie is shocked while Vishwa is furious and goes downstairs to yell at Agastya which makes Agastya ask him how did her heard his voice from the first floor.

Agastya answers his question and says that it is because of Imlie's spy ring, Vishwa says that he planted the ring for protection against the killer.

Vishwa says that maybe Agastya is the killer as he has injured his hand at the same spot as the killer which infuriates Agastya and Imlie.

Agastya says that he knows Vishwa is forcing her to which she replies that Vishwa is just protecting her.

Later Imlie goes to Vishwa and says that soon she will bring out his truth to everyone as she is closing in on him and his lie about Agastya.

Vishwa takes Imlie to Agastya's room and shows her the shoes kept there that he suspects of the killer which makes Imlie shocked as she recognizes the shoes.

Imlie sarcastically says that Agastya is the killer who owns the novelty shoes alone in the world and that a smart man like Vishwa should go immediately and arrest Agastya.

Vishwa tells Imlie that he will prove that Agastya is the killer to which Imlie says that she will always prove Agastya's innocence.

Agastya overhears this entire conversation.

Later, Imlie overhears Imlie's conversation in which she is plotting against Vishwa by telling her friends to tie Vishwa's goon and snatch away his phone.

Imlie does this intentionally so that Vishwa leads him directly to the goon so she fits herself in the back of the car and feels claustrophobic however she fights through it.

On reaching the site, Imlie is shocked to see that there is no goon to which Vishwa says that he knew she was tricking him and tells her that this place is her old house.

He shows his childhood photos and says that her Agastya robbed him of everything to which Imlie says that Agastya was a kid himself and had a heart of gold.

She then says that she understands Vishwa has had a tough life and had no one however Agastya has her and she will never let any harm come his way.

The killer is right outside of the place where Imlie and Vishwa are and is eavesdropping along with his knife.

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