Imlie 11th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 11th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya and Imli deciding to reveal Binni's truth after which she comes there.

Imli tells Binni to accept her truth on her own otherwise she will tell her truth in front of the whole family by showing her wedding picture which terrifies Binni.

Just then, Surya burns that picture after which Imli yells at him and asks him why he burned the proof but Surya does not say anything.

Surya comes out and tells Dadi that he is ready to marry Binni which makes Dadi happy and she asks everyone to start the arrangement.

She decides to call a few close friends and relatives at the wedding and she asks Binni to come along with her to buy clothes, and jewelry whereas Imli scolds Surya for deceiving her.

Surya says that deceiving people is her hobby, not his after that he shows real diamonds to her and says that her truth has come out so he asks her to stop acting.

Imli does not understand what is Surya saying after which he asks her where she got it and asks her to tell the truth otherwise he will make her life hell.

Then, Imli tells him that she does not have the truth which he wants to hear from her, and asks him why is he marrying Binni just to take revenge on the family.

Surya makes a weird face while she asks him to not do anything wrong otherwise he will be left alone after that she goes from there but he holds her hands.

He says that he has his sister along with him and asks Imli to tell the truth otherwise gets ready to face his torture.

Then, he goes from there and Dadi is very excited about Surya and Binni's wedding after that she tells everyone that Pandit Ji has found the mohrat of their wedding this week.

Sonali asks Dadi to not hurry up with things as they met Binni just a few months ago and Surya also came there just a few days ago.

Dadi says that she cannot let Imli ruin her Surya and Binni's life that's why she wants to do Surya and Binni's engagement tomorrow.

Sonali tells Dadi to recall Imli's obligation over them while Surya meets his sister Malti and mother after that they ask him to not marry Binni.

Meanwhile, his mother asks him to not ruin her family image just for Chaudharies whereas Imli asks Binni to not ruin Surya's life by marrying him.

Binni says that she is just marrying him for her child otherwise she does not have any interest in him because she does not want to fall in love anymore.

Imli tells her that she crossed every limit for her love but her destiny didn't support her till then Surya comes there and compliments Binni.

He asks Imli to look after the guests and the function starts in a few minutes just after that Surya collides with Imli but she does not want to face him any further.

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