Imlie 11th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 11th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 11th May 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 11th May 2023 episode starts with Cheeni entering the camp stealthily to see if she truly spotted Imlie at the market.

She takes a glance around, and when she notices the guard, she dashes into Imlie's cabin to hide.

Cheeni, holding her scarf, mutters that she hopes she is wrong and wishes Imlie is not here.

Meanwhile, Kerry holding a towel, wipes Imlie's hair and cares for her.

Kerry encourages Imlie to rest and promises to make magical water that will quickly heal Imlie.

Imlie, perplexed, inquires about the magical water, to which Kerry responds that it is a different kind of water she is going to create that will be very terrible and sour in taste but will absolutely cure her illness.

Kerry departs the room as Imlie asks her to seek assistance from Monica.

Meanwhile, Cheeni hurriedly bangs the photo frame containing Imlie and Atharva's photograph, causing it to fall to the floor.

She picks it up and considers turning it and viewing, but the guard approaches the cabin after hearing the loud boom.

Cheeni hides beneath the table, and as the guard approaches, she sets the photo frame exactly next him.

When the guard looks at the frame, he believes someone has sneaked into the camp since the photo frame is too heavy to be blown over by the wind.

Cheeni considers fleeing as the guard departs when Kerry notices her and inquires as to what she is doing here.

Cheeni claims she is playing hide and seek and asks Kerry if she can show her a nice hiding location.

Meanwhile, Dhairya is anxious at the Rana house since Imlie is not returning her call, and asks Rudra and Shivani whether they have contacted Imlie.

Devika intervenes and tells Dhairya to stop calling Imlie since Imlie is just Atharva and he cannot take her away from him.

Shivani comes to a halt and begs everyone to go on vacation to renew themselves, but Devika continues to harass Dhairya.

Meanwhile, Kerry summons Cheeni to the kitchen and requests that she create the magic water since Princess Aunty is ill.

Cheeni inquires about Princess Aunty's real name, while Kerry orders her to prepare the water first.

Cheeni prepares the water while Kerry extols the qualities of Princess Aunty.

She inquires whether Princess Aunty is more beautiful than her, to which Kerry thinks, causing Cheeni to overthink.

Meanwhile, Atharva brews magical water for himself at home and later considers drinking wine to relieve tension.

He begins to imagine Imlie when she wants him to return with Kerry, despite the fact that he openly declares his hatred for her.

He adds that he will not allow Kerry to meet her and will make certain of it.

The guard alerts Imlie that someone has entered the camp, to which Imlie mutters about Kerry being in the kitchen.

She instructs the guard to assemble all of the children in one room while she personally brings Kerry.

Dhairya is worried while Shivani, noticing this, comments that she knows he loves Imlie.

Shivani claims that she has accepted Dhairya, just as she has Akash, Ginni, and Ripu, and that she wants him to express his love for Imlie and be happy in life.

Meanwhile, Cheeni and Kerry are in the kitchen of the camp when Imlie walks in.

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