Imlie 11th May 2024 Written Update

Imlie 11th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imlie signing the divorce paper and giving it to Indira after which she asks her how so she signed on the papers.

Imlie asks her to give the papers to Surya and greet them on her behalf to CJ, Arjun, and Hemlata after that she takes blessings of Indira and goes away from there.

After that, Surya returns home and searches for Imlie but cannot find her then he calls her but she does not receive it which breaks Surya's heart.

Surya tells CJ and Arjun that Anjali told about his feelings to Imlie after which she left the city and will never return to his life.

Indira comes there and gives the divorce papers to Surya and tells him that Imlie gave the documents to her but Surya does not accept it and says that unless he meets Imlie this chapter won't end.

He goes to the bus station to find Imlie but she has already left the city for Banaras while Surya reads the letter written by Imlie which makes him emotional.

Meanwhile, Imlie also feels heavy after going away from Surya when she suddenly finds Agustya in her dream after which he asks her to listen to her heart and move on in life with Surya.

Imlie does not accept it and murmurs that if she moves on in life then she will go away from her always after that Agustya explains to her that he will always remain in her heart.

After that, she wakes up and notices Surya's message in her phone which melts her heart which Surya has mentioned that where she goes but she will remain in his heart forever.

Then, Imlie changes her mind and decides to go back to Surya but the driver does not stop the bus after that Imlie decides to jump from the bus then the driver stops the bus and Imlie goes back to Surya's house.

She notices that no one is there after that she meets Amrit there and tells her that he mixed poison in everyone's food which can either kill them or they can get back to normal life.

Imlie becomes anxious and she notices Arjun lying on the floor after which she shakes his body to wake him up but Amrit laughs and says that he is feeling good after seeing her worrying like this.

Amrit yells at her and asks her to call Surya and tell him that she robbed his money and jewelry kept in the house and is going away after that Imlie tells Amrit that she will go away but why is she required to lie to Surya.

Meanwhile, Indira wakes up and secretly overhears their conversation while Imlie also becomes angry and tells Amrit clearly that she won't lie to anyone as she has earned respect which she will never lose then Amrit gives her a condition to save her family or respect.

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