Imlie 11th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 11th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 11th September 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 11th September 2023 episode starts with a woman crying out about her cow making another villager ask her if crying would help.

The woman mentions that it would while from the other side, Imlie lost in her flute gradually gets hold of a calf.

She comes along with it, gradually reaching the woman who insists that her cows must be tied down.

However, Imlie insists she tie down the calves with love instead of ropes.

She then insists the woman give her butter for Janmashtami and cheerfully walks away.

Agastya leaves for the village

At the city, Agastya complains to the driver about Janmashtami being a nuisance adding that he wanted to meet Dadi, but not today.

During cycling, Imlie tells her mates that her heart lies in festivals adding that her main focus now is making sweets.

On the other hand, Agastya eyes a sweet box making the driver comment that it was his shop before. 

He mentions that he hates sweets after which the driver asks if he's going to distribute them to poor people.

Agastya states that he has no empathy for poor people while in the village, Imlie while feeding a woman states that god resides among the poor.

Contrarily, Agastya mentions that the poor are manipulative devils and extends out his hand for the keys.

The driver insists he drives on making him throw his rs 25 lakh watch at him.

Seeing the man, Agastya mentions that he's careless after which he takes the car keys from the driver.

Imlie and Agastya's first meet

He drives on while the driver hops in and very soon reaches the village but crashes against a cycling Imlie.

The car stops working making Agastya irritated while from behind, Imlie shouts asking if he doesn't have any value for human life.

Her mates comfort her while in the car, The driver insists he check on Imlie but Agastya states that she'll be back in a minute for money.

Agastya puts on music and starts the countdown, making Imlie turn her back on.

However, she walks on while from the car, Agastya takes a look at Imlie from the car mirror.

At the market, Imlie thanks god for saving her cycle after which she washes her face but Bulbul steals her butter.

Mami's rude behavior to Imlie

After washing the pot, Imlie notices her missing butter pot While inside, Bulbul and Mami plot to exchange the new butter with the old one, making everyone call Imlie chutti.

Amidst all this, Imlie enters asking Mami not to call her chutti but Bulbul asks that women have no other title other than Mrs.

Imlie mentions that a woman can be a chef too, making Mami tell her that she's worthless of any aim since she's an orphan.

Mami walks away with Bulbul leaving Imlie in tears but she wipes her tears stating that determination can change anyone's fate.

Meanwhile, Agastya's car gets attended by professionals while on the other hand, Imlie denies going to Janmashtami. 

However, her friends insist she go but suddenly Mami throws an outfit on Imlie's face.

Imlie's plan

She rudely asks Imlie to get out and fend for money after which she walks away but Imlie mentions that she'll go only after Janmasthami celebrations. 

Later, Imlie sees Bulbul show off her lehenga,  making Bulbul comment that she better give it to her since she's a beggar. 

She denies but Bulbul snatches it from her and walks away.

Inside, Bulbul adorns herself with the lehenga and dreams of rishtas but noticing Imlie asks her to put nazar tika on.

Imlie insists on a nazar dori leading her to tie her up with the black string.

After a while, Imlie's mates thinking that the veiled lehenga woman is Imlie, walk away with her leading Imlie to come out of her hiding.

Imlie gets slapped

She tells her friends that it's Bulbul in the lehenga after which all of them hide Bulbul among the haystack. 

In the evening, Imlie takes part in the Janmashtami celebration but gets slapped by Mami since she hid Bulbul.

She adds that Imlie has no shame since her parents have died but Imlie states that every woman blushes.

Mami shoves the lehenga on Imlie and makes her sit in the car.

Agastya reaches the bar

At the bar, Agastya deems the girls disgusting but the driver states that they are helpless. 

He asks the driver about bringing him to a place where women don't pull pallu on their heads while inside, Imlie dons herself.

Outside, the driver insists he goes inside the bar while Imlie prepares to go forward.

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