Imlie 12th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 12th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Indira asking Imlie to go away from the village as soon as possible because she does not want Surya to roam behind her every time.

She tells Imlie that she understands her feelings and it won't be easy for her to forgive Surya after which Surya's uncle gives her money as compensation.

Imlie feels bad and says that no amount can replace Augustya after which Indira says that money is important to live in the society.

Inidra asks her to accept the money and start a new life going away from there and letting Surya also live his life.

After that, Imlie asks the worker of the stall to come there, and after she makes fun of Indira in front of them to make her realize that she is doing wrong.

Imlie distributes the money among the workers but they don't accept the money after which Imlie tells her that no one wants money while Nirmala says that Imlie is very mean and cunning.

Then, Indira gives money to the owner of the dhaba after which the owner removes Imlie from the work and asks other workers to do their work.

On the other hand, Anjali asks Surya whether he has started loving Imlie because he never cared and loved her the way he is caring for Imlie.

Surya clears her that he does not have any feelings for Imlie after which he receives a call from Jugnu he tells Surya that Indira is forcing Imlie to go away from the village and she asks the owner of the dhaba to remove Imlie from the work.

After that, Surya decides to go there while Imlie tells Indira that she will not leave this village and asks Indira to keep Surya away from her if she wants peace in her life.

Indira gets angry and says that she has wasted her time behind Imlie after which she goes away from there while Jugnu asks Imlie where will she go now.

Just then, the owner of the dhaba asks Jugnu to leave the work along with Imlie if he is so concerned for her while Surya is on the way to bring back Imlie at any cost this time.

Meanwhile, Raghu and his man keep an eye over Imlie while she leaves the dhaba and goes away from there after which Jugnu informs Surya about it and asks him to find Imlie.

Then, Surya sends Chaupati to bring back Imlie after which Chaupati asks Imlie to come along with him to the police station for the crime of terrifying the Police inspector.

Imlie understands that he is talking about Surya after which Surya comes out and Imlie stares at him while the lady constable takes her to the Police station.

After that, Surya provokes Imlie and says that Imlie is a coward after which she asks Chaupati to file F.I.R. against Surya for killing Augusta.

Surya asks Chaupati to do the thing that Imlie is saying after which Surya tells everything to Imlie that happened with Augustya.

Lady constable tells Surya that there isn't any mistake of him so he should not blame himself for Augustya's demise.

Surya tells her that he didn't take any steps to save Augustya that's why he considers himself responsible for it.   

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