Imlie 12th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 12th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 12th February 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 12th February 2023 episode starts with Imlie talking to Sita Maiyaa's statue and stating that she will not cry as she leaves today.

She thinks to herself that she entered the house as a daughter-in-law and now she is leaving like a daughter.

Just as she is exiting the room, she bumps into Atharva and sees his ticket while he notices her luggage.

Atharva informs her that the family is insisting he goes to London for a few days while Imlie informs him that she is leaving the house as Rudra's health is back to normal.

Atharva tells Imlie that he will stay back if she asks him to and questions if she will do the same.

Just as they are about to bid each other goodbye, Atharva gets a call from Cheeni.

Both Imlie and Atharva rush to the terrace and get freaked out as they see Cheeni walking on the ledge of the terrace.

Atharva tells her to not be an attention seeker and come down so that they can talk face-to-face.

However, Cheeni does not listen to either of them and tells them that this is not a threat but a farewell since she knows Atharva does not love her anymore.

Cheeni jumps from there and Imlie screams in fear which alerts the whole family.

They all rush outside and get devastated to see Cheeni lying on the ground after which they take her to a hospital.

Later, Imlie sits on the metal bench as coldness seeps into her body while her brain gets fogged with the thoughts of her being the reason behind Cheeni's suicide attempt.

However, Atharva sits beside her and tries to calm her while explaining to her that Cheeni did everything on her own and that she was in her senses when she did it.

Just then, the police come there and inform Imlie that she must come with them since they got a tip that she pressured Cheeni to commit suicide.

Atharva tells the police that it is impossible and reveals that Imlie was with him the whole time.

Rudra questions who lodged such a disgusting complaint since it has been only 15 minutes since they reached the hospital.

Anu shouts that it has been enough and blames Imlie for everything that has happened to Cheeni.

Rudra goes to the corner with the police officer and informs him of today's events.

Rudra assures the police officer that none of the people present in the hospital are guilty and tells the police officer to wait until Cheeni gets conscious.

Meanwhile, the doctor comes to the family and informs them that Cheeni has not suffered any major external injuries but they still have to do some tests to rule out the possibility of her suffering any internal injuries.

Rupi starts blaming Atharva and tells him that he was the one who liked Cheeni first and one day his decision changed.

However, once she thinks clearly, she apologizes to Atharva and starts blaming herself for not taking enough care of Cheeni as a child.

Elsewhere, Imlie looks at her once admirable sister Cheeni and recalls all their moments together which makes her shed a few tears.

Atharva comes there with his Sita Maiyaa and gives it to her telling her that Sita Maiyaa will give her anything she needs.

However, Imlie gives a hopeful smile as she states that the person in need of Sita Maiyaa the most right now is Cheeni.

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