Imlie 12th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 12th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 12th January 2024 episode starts with Vishwa and Imlie sitting in the car to head back home.

Vishwa says that human beings are capable of doing anything, Imlie is about to come up with a comeback when they both hear someone jumping on the top of their car.

It is the killer however Vishwa is not sure so he starts shooting the top of his car and is shocked to find no one there.

He asks Imlie to stay back as he starts looking for the killer however Imlie spots the killer from behind and before she can warn Vishwa, the killer knocks him down.

The killer's mask comes off and before he can put it back on, Vishwa clicks his picture and then faints.

Imlie takes the gun and steps out of the car which makes the killer run away and a few moments later Agastya comes in as Imlie runs into his arms.

Meanwhile, Avinash is trying to convince Shivani that he had no idea that Vishwa and Navya were up to this.

Sonali comes and tells Shivani that Avinash is telling the truth and calls the jail in which Meera used to be and inquires about it while Meera overhears from the door.

Back on the road, Agastya tells Imlie sarcastically that poor Vishwa will have to climb hills for Imlie's love.

Imlie says that if Agastya empathizes with Vishwa then he would empathize with the killer too as that poor fellow is unable to kill her even after so many attempts.

Imlie shows her wounds to Agastya asking if he doesn't care about her to which Agastya says that these are just mosquito bites.

Later, Vishwa tells Imlie that he knows who the killer is and shows her the picture but it turns out to be blank.

Vishwa is shocked and tells Imlie that Agastya is the killer and has deleted the picture.

Agastya asks Vishwa to rest as he has gone mad however in his mind he recalls how he deleted his picture from Vishwa's phone.

The next day, Imlie says to herself that today she will turn the tables around and spy on Vishwa as she has planted a bug on him.

She hears Navya asking Vishwa why he cares for Imlie to which he replies that it is because Imlie is a victim of their plan and he must keep her safe.

Meanwhile, Agastya takes a gun while Vishwa sees him.

Agastya knocks on Imlie's door and aims the gun at her making her shocked while Vishwa runs and pushes Agastya.

By mistake, Agastya shoots in Imlie's direction but thankfully he misses her which makes Vishwa blame Agastya for trying to kill Imlie in front of everyone.

Imlie asks Agastya to defend himself to which he replies that he wants to teach Imlie how to use the gun in self-defense.

Vishwa takes the gun and says that he will teach Imlie and then take her downstairs and ask her to shoot the bottles.

Imlie closes her eyes and shoots however she does not hit a single target which amuses Agastya who is eating an apple.

Agastya says that Imlie is unable to shoot as she only works for money.

He tells Imlie that he has a perfect match for her however he beats his wives but that shouldn't bother Imlie as she can do anything for money.

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