Imlie 12th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 12th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 12th June 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 12th June 2023 episode starts with the anniversary party kicking off in the Rana residence, where everyone is dressed in 90s attire.

However, the neighbouring ladies notice Atharva at the party and begin to talk about him while Rudra and Devika arrive.

Devika, with a pleasant smile says she is delighted they are present at the celebration because they were always with her in her difficult moments.

However, her friend, Sangita continues to make fun of Atharva wondering who even fakes their presence.

Atharva responds to her with a tight reaction, while Imlie slowly walks downstairs while clutching her dress.

She is stunningly dressed as Shanti and Atharva gazes on Imlie forgetting his grudge as he gently walks toward her.

While the ladies applaud Atharva and Imlie's duet, Atharva gently moves his hand toward her.

Imlie also approaches his hand, but upon hearing the statements, Atharva retracts his hand and walks away.

As the party continues, Ginni draws everyone's attention and explains that a couple game is about to begin in which couples will be blindfolded, and if they discover their partner without cheating, they will win exciting prizes.

Devika is initially hesitant to play but noticing Atharva and Cheeni, she demands that they also play and prove their genuine love in front of everyone.

Rudra provides Imlie with a red blindfold and orders her to play, claiming that she may find her true love at the party.

Shivani hands Dhairya a blindfold and tells him he must play the couple's game.

As the game begins, Devika and Rudra are the first to exit, while Manish grabs another lady and cries for Divya, which irritates her.

Everyone laughs while Keya summons Akash as baby to locate him but Akash falls with the flower vase which upsets Keya when she opens her blindfold.

However, Atharva and Imlie are still in the game while Cheeni opens her blindfold slightly and looks about for Atharva.

As Atharva and Imlie are about to choose each other, Cheeni steps in and picks Atharva, and as the three uncover their blindfolds he grows anxious.

Devika remarks that witnessing Atharva choose Cheeni proves that people who are in love find a way to be near each other.

Imlie walks out, her face lowered when she collides with Dhairya, who is still blindfolded.

Everyone applauds as they see Dhairya with Imlie and this irritates Atharva and Devika.

Later, as the cake cutting begins, Kerry asks her Dadu Dadi to begin cutting the cake which surprises the guests and prompts them to ask Rudra whose daughter Kerry is.

Kerry approaches Atharva and claims to be his daughter as the ladies murmur about how Atharva has enjoyed his secret life very well.

Kerry demands Rudra and Devika to cut the cake fast or she will, to which a lady laughs while Kairi mumbles that Atharva is not married.

She also reveals that she does not have a mother, which surprises everyone.

Cheeni approaches Kerry and claims that she is her best friend first and foremost, rather than the strict type of mother.

Following the cake cutting, the Retro booth couple game begins in which couples can snap cute pictures with their partners using the provided props.

Atharva holding Cheeni's hands leads her to the booth and selects the 'I Love You' prop, but keeps it.

However, Imlie approaches Atharva and begs him to use this prop solely.

She hands him the prop and cheers for the duo, demanding that Atharva reveal his feelings for Cheeni.

However, the ladies at the party begin making fun of Atharva for marrying Imlie while having a child with another lady, prompting Atharva to lash out and reveal his affection to Cheeni.

He says that all these years have made him realize that his ultimate life partner is Cheeni.

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