Imlie 12th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 12th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 12th March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 12th March 2023 episode starts with Imlie saving everyone by placing her hand full of Holi color in front of the fan, resulting in the holi color getting into the bodyguard's and Cheeni's eyes and making them unable to see anything.

Imlie then notices the pile of the bag with iron rods coming out of it being held above the Rana family's heads in order to injure them, and she dashes towards them.

The bodyguard who is holding the rope to the pile of bags loses control and lets go of the rope, causing the pile of bags to fall, but Imlie stops it.

Atharva then requests Imlie to quickly untie the rope, which Imlie attempts to do with her teeth.

As she struggles to open it, the rope she is holding becomes heavier, and Imlie runs out of energy.

Meanwhile, the bodyguards see the Rana family attempting to rescue and thus they stop them resulting in Atharva starting fighting with them.

Simultaneously, Cheeni awakens and sees Imlie saving the Rana family.

Imlie requests Rudra to hurry up because she can no longer hold the rope.

As the Rana family unfolds from the Drums, they begin beating the bodyguards, but Cheeni rushes towards Imlie and pushes her.

Imlie loses control and Cheeni gets splattered with Holi color, causing her to fall just under the pile of bags, but Imlie saves her.

When everyone notices this, they are shocked and rush over to Imlie, asking if she is okay.

Meanwhile, the police arrive at the godown and Imlie informs him to arrest Cheeni and the bodyguards as they tried to kidnap the Rana family.

Rudra asks Imlie how she knew Cheeni kidnapped them in the godown, and she confirms that she found Ginni's phone and saw one of the bodyguards take a selfie, and by looking at the background, she recognized where they were.

Shivani then claims that the police should stay because the wedding is still progressing on, which irritates Rudra because he believes Shivani is still supporting Cheeni.

However, Shivani admires Imlie and claims that she put her own life in danger to save Atharva and the entire family.

Meanwhile, Rupi becomes emotional and sobs over Cheeni's wrongdoings, but Sundar consoles her and tells her to put herself together.

Shivani suggests Rudra to marry Atharva and Imlie in the godown, to which Rudra gladly agrees.

Gini is overjoyed to hear about Atharva and Imlie's reunion and refers to them as #Athli.

However, Atharva informs Imlie that he only wants Imlie's support for the rest of his life and that he will never force her to tie the knot unless she is willing to.

The Rana family bursts out laughing when Imlie claims that everything will happen in Imlie's style this time.

Imlie confirms to Atharva that only her support is enough for him, but Atharva is ENOUGH for Imlie.

She then proposes to Atharva, who accepts his 'Amigo,' aka Imlie.

Imlie tells Atharva that they were already married, but their relationship lacked certain aspects that they now have, and she wishes to embark on this beautiful journey with the blessings of her Sita Maiya.

Cheeni warns Imlie that she can't do anything, but Atharva confirms that what he and Imlie have is known as a real relationship and wants to teach Cheeni a lesson by requesting that the cops stay a little longer so that Cheeni can watch Arto marry Imlie.

Atharva takes Imlie's hand in his, and they gaze romantically into each other's eyes as they hold each other.

The Rana family, who sees them both as they walk toward the mandap, can feel the growing heat between them.

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