Imlie 12th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 12th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with  Dadi scolding Imli for again roaming around Surya after which she asks her to stay away from him.

Meanwhile, Amrit comes near Sonali after which she asks him why he came there then he tells her that he has come there to take her back home.

Sonali says that she is not interested in going back along with him as she feels suffocating when he is around her.

After that, he asks her to learn something from him and move forward in life but Sonali scolds him and asks him to go away from there.

On the other hand, Surya takes Augstaya’s get up and Imli notices him after which glass falls from her hands and she asks who is her.

Surya comes in front of her saying that he has come back but Imli does not believe in him and says that he is not Augustya.

She asks him to tell the truth but he holds her hands after which Augustya’s parents come there murmuring that he is Augustya but his father comes and says that he is Surya not Augustya which makes Augstya’s parents emotional.

His mother goes from there whereas Imli scolds Surya for wearing Augustya’s clothes and pretending like him in front of her.

On the other hand, the function starts when Imli narrates everything that has happened so far with Chaudhary's family to make him realize that he is doing wrong.

Imli tells him that she is having Radha Rani beside her so she does not need anyone’s support to improve her family’s situation.

Surya holds her hand and asks her how will she manage things on her own whereas a guest at the party asks why Sonali has applied the vermillion on her forehead as he has left her.

Everyone taunts her which makes Dadi feel bad whereas Amrit comes there and thanks the guest for thinking about him after which he says that he is Sonali’s husband for name shake.

Amrit says that the Chaudhary family has done very wrong things to him so far while Sonali is not ready to forgive him for his mistakes.

He asks Guests to decide what is right or wrong by making allegations about Sonali that she is spending time with different men.

Sonali does not say anything while Amrit asks guests to look after this thing after which Sonali goes from there to a different room.

Then, Amrit comes there and insists she come along with him but she refuses and says that everything has ended between them.

After that, he forcefully tries to take her away from there but Sonali’s friend comes there and asks Amrit to stay away from Sonali.

Just then, Imli comes there and takes Sonali’s stand in front of everyone by exposing Nirmala in front of everyone after which Nirmala scolds Imli for demeaning her.

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