Imlie 12th May 2024 Written Update

Imlie 12th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imlie calling Surya which makes him happy after which he thanks him and he asks her where she has gone.

Imlie asks him to not question anything from her after that she complains to him that Anjali made her feel embarrassed when she told in front of everyone that he has feelings for her.

She tells Surya that she came behind him to his house to rob all the money and jewelry as it was part of her mission and now she will target someone else which surprises Surya.

Meanwhile, Indira secretly overhears their conversation after that Imlie cuts the call and she tells Amrit that she has done whatever he wants and he asks Imlie to hand over the bag of money to him.

Imlie asks him to not harm anyone after that he assures her that nothing wrong will happen to the Reddy family then he calls Anjali and tells her that he has done his part.

He asks Anjali to do her work now after which she comes in front of Surya and asks him to not feel bad for Imlie but he does not listen to her and says that there is something wrong.

Surya directly goes home while CJ gets worried and tells Arjun that Indu is missing from the house while Surya reaches the house and he notices that Imlie is there after that she tells about Amrit and Anjali's plan to him.

They decide to save Indu while Surya before going to save Indu asks Imlie why she returned then Imlie tells him that she will tell her everything once she brings back Indira.

After that, Anjali meets Amrit and asks him why he kidnapped Indira then he tells her that she has learned their truth so it is necessary for them to kill her otherwise she will tell their truth to everyone.

Amrit asks her to give a poisonous injection to Indira so that she can die while Anjali says that she is not a murderer so she cannot do it after that Amrit terrifies her and says that if she does not do it then Surya will kill her and never accept her.

Anjali becomes worried and after that, she accepts Amrit's decision and asks for an apology from Indu but Imlie overhears their conversation then she comes from the window to save Indu.

Then, Surya also comes behind her while Amrit says that he will kill Imlie along with Indira after that Imlie asks him to kill her instead of Indira.

Imlie requests him to not harm Indira while Surya comes there and snatches a gun from Amrit and is about to shoot him but Imlie stops him and asks him to not kill him.

After that, Surya arrests Amrit and Anjali while Indira thanks Imlie and accepts her as daughter-in-law then Imlie tells Surya that she wants to live with him and complete her dreams.

Later on, Imlie clears her exam which brings a smile to Surya's face and he appreciates her achievement.

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