Imlie 12th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 12th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 12th September 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 12th September 2023 episode starts with the other girls telling Imlie to shift her veil off since their hair is their beauty and amidst all this, Imlie prays.

Imlie gets to know about Agastya 

Seeing Imlie praying, the girls laugh but unaffected Imlie adds that she's here to make money for Ashu's treatment.

She then distributes Janmasthami laddoos among everyone and as everyone relishes the taste of Imlie's laddoos, the manager comes in.

The manager insists that Imlie be attentive to Agastya but Imlie denies stating that all her listeners are the same.

On the other hand, Agastya gets grossed out by the environment and gets up after which he attempts to leave but stops when a melodious voice comes in.

He turns back after which he sees a veiled Imlie singing along with the background dancers adding enchantness.

Agastya insults Imlie

Agastya sits down during which the manager signals Imlie to go up to Agastya after which she gets off the stage.

She goes up to Agastya but Agastya gets up making Imlie state that a person getting up is equal to him insulting the artist.

This makes Agastya throw out money on her and as Imlie bends down to pick it up, he insults her stating that she's a low person.

Imlie fights Agastya

Imlie gets shocked while Agastya strides forward but suddenly the lights go off.

She tells Agastya that she's not a low creature but he is adding that he's insulting goddess Laxmi and Saraswati.

Agastya says that he's insulting her not the goddesses but Imlie retorts back saying that it's men like him who take pleasure from bar girls.

This triggers Agastya and Imlie to get into a fight but Imlie is led away during which Agastya walks away.

After a while, Imlie gets dropped by a car making the ladies state that even a government employee doesn't have a car drop them in but Imlie does.

Imlie stands up against Mami

They further comment on her coming home late leading Imlie to state that she's better off than women who stay back at home and gossip after which she walks away.

In her premises, Imlie counts the money leading Mami to suddenly snatch it from her but Imlie takes it back from her.

Mami asks Imlie to pay the rent of the house to which Imlie replies that she's doing more than paying rent which includes cooking yet she gets insulted.

She further adds that she could have left long ago with Ashu but Mami states that she can't let her go so fast until she makes her rich making Imlie walk away into her room.

Inside, Ashu with a toy gun charges Imlie playfully for coming in late and asks her for a toy.

Imlie talks to a dead Kairi

Imlie asks Ashu to close his eyes after which she tickles him making Ashu sad but Imlie shows him the toy she's bought.

Ashu extends out her hands but Imlie asks him to utter out 'maa' to get the toy.

He utters out 'maa' after which she tells him to say 'si' but Ashu jumps around leading Imlie to tell him to be silent.

At night, Imlie caresses Ashu and tells Kairi that she might have left but she has kept Ashu for her.

A flashback shows that Kairi had died during which Kairi's baby, Ashu was given to Imlie.

At present, Imlie promises to take care of Ashu but gets interrupted when she sees a shadow drinking wine.

Imlie enquires about Ashu's health

She gets up immediately and upon seeing Mama gets relieved after which she asks him about the doctor's take on Ashu's health.

Mama states that Ashu's health will deteriorate if an operation isn't conducted in six months.

Imlie promises to fetch more money but Mama sadly states that he doesn't like her singing in the bar. 

This makes Imlie helplessly state that she's not completed her education which is why she can't get a decent job.

However, she thanked god for gifting her with a good voice adding that it aids Ashu's hospital bills.

She then snatches Mama's wine bottle from his pocket adding that he must do away with drinking wine.

Imlie's promise to Mama

Mama adds that it's not a bad habit making Imlie state that even she'll drink wine along with Ashu.

This makes Mama tell Imlie that he'll not drink anymore while he takes the wine from her hands. 

Imlie tells Mama that she'll make sure he leaves drinking since he is important in her life during which Mama tells Imlie to stop singing after Ashu gets well since any person can take advantage of her.

However, Imlie states that a person had tried to take advantage but she fought up against it while she remembers Agastya.

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