Imlie 13th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 13th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya surrendering himself infront of Imlie so that she can feel good.

Later, Jugnu asks for an apology from Surya for misbehaving with him and says that no one can think about Imlie more than him.

After that, Jugnu hugs him and Surya goes from there along with Imlie but she meets Raghu over there after which she yells at him but he pushes her away and she falls.

Raghu tells Imlie to be ready to lose her life after which he shoots at Imlie but Surya comes in between and gets a bullet shot in her back which reminds Imlie of Augustya's demise.

She becomes numb after which another police inspector and constable takes Surya to the hospital while Imlie also comes along with them.

After, sometime Indira and other Reddy family members come there to see Surya in the hospital after which Indira meets Imlie and slaps her for harming Surya.

Indira says that Imlie did all these things to take revenge on Surya and she goes from there to see Surya while Hemlata consoles Imlie and asks her to become Surya's support.

Imlie tells her that Surya snatched her everything so how can she expect her to become his support system after which Hemlata tells her that Surya is dying of regret so he should get at least one another chance to prove himself.

Then, Hemlata goes to see Surya while Indira takes care of Surya in the OT while he asks about Imlie but she has gone from there.

After that, he comes outside while Anjali asks Surya to forget Imlie and move on in life with her after which Surya tells her that he won't change his decision at any cost.

Hemlata overhears their conversation after which she asks Anjali to go back to her home so Anjali goes from there while Hemlata asks about Imlie from Surya but he does not know anything.

Later, on next day Imlie goes to his uncle's house and notices there that her cousin's marriage is going to be fixed after which the groom's mother says that she wants to meet Surya.

Then, her cousin calls Surya and asks him to come there after which they wait for him but he does not come there after which Imlie's aunt makes an excuse and says that she will make her meet with Surya later on.

After that, Imlie's aunt scolds Imlie for ruining everything while Imlie tells her that she will look after everything but Surya comes there before the guests leave the house.

Imlie's cousin becomes happy and goes to welcome Surya whereas Nirmala manipulates Indira against Imlie after which Indira decides that she will never allow Imlie to come into their house.

Just then, Indira's father-in-law comes there after which Indira becomes happy and takes his blessings while Hemlata scolds Arjun for not replying to her calls.

Arjun hugs her while Malti meets her grandfather whereas Imlie's aunt warns Imlie and asks her to behave well in front of guests.     

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