Imlie 13th February 2024 Written Update

Imlie 13th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 13th February 2024 episode starts with Agastya promising to Imlie that he will always be by her side making Imlie emotional.

They then sit in their car to head home however they do not know that their car has been hampered with by one of Navya's goons.

Agastya asks Imlie if she has thought about their future to which Imlie replies that finally she will sleep on the bed and not the floor.

Agastya says with a smile that he will not let her sleep which makes Imlie blush.

Imlie says that she will keep everyone happy after which she says that she wants to complete her education which makes Agastya say that he will help her in every way.

The couple are talking when a car comes their way making Agastya realize that the breaks have failed.

Agastya pushes Imlie outside of the car while he jumps after her.

Meanwhile, Alka says that she is very worried as she is having the same feeling as she did when Dhanraj died.

Back on the road, Agastya is holding on to a tree branch with one hand and Imlie with the other while the two try to find their way out of a huge ditch.

Imlie yells at Agastya to pull himself up after Agastya helps her back upside.

Agastya says that right now they do not have time and have to talk to each other.

He says that Imlie has to look at him for the last time which makes Imlie cry.

He says that he really wanted to spend 7 lifetimes together however destiny had other plans for them.

Imlie begs him to keep trying however Agastya says that once he is dead, she will have a lot of problems to deal with and when he is gone then Imlie will have to take care of his family.

She says that he will have to do it himself as she will not be able to live without him but Agastya yells at her and says that she has to promise him that she will live for herself.

Imlie makes the promise with a heavy heart after which Agastya finally says that he loves Imlie more than anything which makes Imlie reply that she loves him more.

The tree branch breaks making Agastya fall in the ditch while Imlie looks at the love of his life dying.

Later, the police go to Agastya's house and inform his family that Agastya got into an accident but they are not able to find his body.

Meanwhile, Imlie acts manically around the hill she is standing out when a female cop tells her that Agastya has died and there is no point keeping home.

Imlie says angrily that she will keep hope as Agastya is her husband after which she says that she will find Agastya herself however the police hold her and take her into the van.

Agastya's family reach there and remain there till night when the police ask them to go back home however Anapoorna is completely broken and says that she will not go anywhere.

Seeing the vermillion in Imlie's head, Sonali says that nothing will happen to Agastya however Imlie says that her life feels like an apocalypse.

The police announces hat they found the dead body.

End of Imlie today's episode written update. To download Imli Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (13 February 2024) online, go to

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