Imlie 13th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 13th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 13th January 2024 episode starts with Imlie shooting all three target bottles because Agastya angered her.

Agastys says that this is what he wants as he knows how much anger motivates her to which Vishwa says that Agastya should stop flirting with his fiance as it is time for her Sangeet.

Later, Sonali asks Imlie if she is ready for this marriage to which Imlie replies that she is in love with a nutshell like Agastya however, she will marry him only.

Imlie then hears on her earpiece that Vishwa is asking someone to leave town otherwise, Imlie will catch on.

She thinks that she has to leave right now otherwise, that person will leave at 5.

Meanwhile, Meera enters the house as she needs to tell everyone the truth.

Imlie sees some people insulting Anapurna which makes her bash those women, making Anapurna shocked.

Vishwa stops Imlie as he sees her going somewhere which makes Imlie land in trouble as she does not know how to escape.

Sonali on the other hand, tells Anapurna that soon she will be able to track Meera which makes Alka come and slap Sonali.

Meera overhears this as Alka calls her the murderer of her husband which makes her think that she will not reveal herself but the truth.

Meanwhile, Imlie goes to Agastya and says that today she will tell him the entire truth but for that, he will have to help her escape the house by distracting others.

Agastya goes to the stage and starts roasting Vishwa by saying that he is not better than him after which the music is turned in and Agastya starts dancing.

Vishwa joins in the dancing while Imlie escapes however, Navya has seen Imlie escape and also heard her talking to Agastya so she informs Vishwa.

Imlie goes to the bus station where she knows her suspect will be and starts looking for that person on the bus when she takes out a gun, aiming at him and asking him to stop.

The person gets down from the bus and locks Imlie in while the bus driver starts the bus, Imlie goes to him, asking to stop the bus however, she is shocked to see the killer as the bus driver.

He stops the bus abruptly, making Imlie fall down and then goes to her with the knife in her hand.

A while later, Vishwa goes to the bus to save Imlie however, he is unable to find her and just sees the drop of blood over there.

Vishwa suspects Agastya but is shocked to find him sitting in the house however, he still holds Agastya by his collar.

Bobby starts yelling as he finds Imlie on the threshold of the house and unconscious, Agastya rushes to her and asks her what happened.

Imlie tells them that she tried shooting the killer however, it did not work and after that, she does not remember anything.

Vishwa tells Imlie that Agastya knew about Imlie's location and that is why he is the killer to which Imlie replies that if Agastya had been the killer then she would have been dead by now.

However, Vishwa shows the gun to Imlie saying that someone took the bullets out of it.

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