Imlie 13th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 13th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya fighting for Sonali in front of everyone and he asks guests how can they demean her.

He empowers Sonali and says that women should become each other’s strength instead of demeaning and disrespecting each other.

Every woman at the party feels bad and bows down their head when Surya scolds them.

Imli also comes in Sonali’s support and defends her in front of everyone after which Surya points at Amrit and asks him to behave well with ladies otherwise he will sent him to jail.

Amrit becomes angry after which he also yells at Surya and Imli asking what the relationship between him and Imli is.

He says that Imli does not have any work just then snatching other’s man and then playing with their emotions.

Surya ignores him after which Amrit asks him to find out about Sonali’s character before marrying her and he says that he knows about her one truth.

Dadi asks about that truth after which Surya says that the child developing in Binni’s womb belongs to another person, not to Augusta.

Then, Imli comes in between and asks Amrit to not open his mouth in front of anyone otherwise she will ruin his life.

Surya holds Armit’s collar asks him to behave well and throws him out of the house after which Dadi suggests delaying the engagement for one day.

Meanwhile, Surya’s mother asks Binni about what truth Amrit was saying then Imli comes in Binni’s defense and says that Amrit was just trying to add fuel to the fire to break the relations.

Later, Sonali thanks Imli and Surya for supporting her in front of everyone, and she gives special thanks to Surya because he mentions her as his sister in front of everyone.

She praises Surya for this after which Imli pulls Surya’s leg while Sonali smiles and goes away from there.

After that, Imli thanks Surya for today after which he asks her to look into his eyes and say thanks to him.

She looks into his eyes and shows attitude to him whereas Surya tells her that he has to sort out the things before his wedding with Binni.

Later, he calls the family members and tells them that he wants a simple wedding instead of doing so many rituals.

He looks toward Binni and says that if she does not have any problem then he wants to get married to her tomorrow.

Dadi becomes happy and asks the maid to make the arrangements while Surya asks Imli to tell him the truth that she likes him otherwise he will marry Binni.

Meanwhile, Binni overhears their conversation while Imli gets confused and thinks about what to do.

Just then, Binni comes into Imli’s room and asks her why she defended her in front of everyone after which Imli tells her that she does not want anyone to question her character.

Then, Imli says that she will try her best to cancel her wedding with Surya after which Binni tells her that she knows about the real murderer of Raghu ji and gives a hint related to Monty.

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