Imlie 14th April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 14th April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 14th April 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 14th April 2023 episode starts with Atharva referring to Imlie as a workaholic lady who does not have time to even check the expiry dates of the medicines.

He begins ranting at Imlie, calling her a reckless woman and asking her if Rudra is any less than her own father, to which Imlie explodes and orders him to stop.

She demands angrily that Atharva verify the expiry dates, to which Atharva responds with a death look.

Imlie then calms down and asserts that when the delivery boy arrived, Atharva should have examined the drugs as well and that it is therefore both of their faults. 

Atharva shuts Imlie up and tells her that he feels bad for trusting Imlie.

Both then walk out of the room in contrasting directions, while Devika and Rudra are fearful of what they anticipate occurring.

Later, Keya dances with Akash, and they both express their satisfaction at the growing gap between Imlie and Atharva and that Akash will soon join the business.

However, both realize that a third party is arranging all of these rebellious deeds and decide to become friends with them.

Cheeni congratulates Dhairya on her excellent plan to separate Imlie from Atharva but warns Dhairya of Imlie's urge to prove herself correct.

Dhairya informs Atharva that he will be the one to break Atharva's whole trust in money until Imlie reaches the complete truth.

However, Imlie in the medical shop inquires about the expired medicines, to which the cashier responds that the pharmaceuticals are not from their shop and offers her the name of the shop where the medication is from.

Imlie then goes to M.N.G. pharmacist and threatens the cashier to give her information on who purchased the medicines as soon as possible or she will have his shop closed down.

The cashier swears he will soon find out, and as Imlie walks out of the chemist shop, she learns the drugs were exchanged by the delivery boy.

In the Rana Mansion, Keya begins jeering Imlie to her mother over the phone, calling Imlie the most negligent woman she has ever seen.

Keya begins poking everyone by repeating Imlie's faults, and Atharva becomes enraged and orders Keya to either stop gossiping or continue it somewhere else.

Keya walks away, as Rudra and Devika label Atharva as an insensitive boy who has no feelings for Imlie.

She further states that Imlie was the one who sacrificed her passion so that Atharva may continue his musical career and assist Rudra in the office.

However, Dhairya phones Rudra and asks him if he is okay, to which he replies that he is, and Dhairya offers that the two have a beautiful romantic meal somewhere pleasant.

Rudra then realizes it's a fantastic strategy and asks Dhairya to reserve an adequate location for them.

Later at dinner, Imlie hands Rudra new pills and states that she checks the expiry dates this time, and as Atharva is ready to seat, Devika forces him to stay standing.

Rudra then states that they want them both to spend dinner outside as punishment, while Atharva and Imlie get into a foolish argument about not going to dinner together.

Rudra then begins his play by forcing the two to eat supper together.

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