Imlie 14th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 14th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 14th February 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 14th February 2023 episode starts with Cheeni telling Imlie not to leave and giving her a chance to prove that she has changed for the better.

Sundar also comes forward and requests Imlie to stay which makes her stay.

The next day, Cheeni is looking around for her charger while Atharva comes there and finds it for her.

Cheeni thanks him for helping her even after all this while Imlie comes there with Cheeni's medicine.

Cheeni tells Imlie that she might be getting emotional but Imlie and Arto should also try to rekindle the relationship.

However, Atharva states that they are friends now.

They both think that they have gotten more than they expected and should not wish for more.

Cheeni gets emotional again as she apologizes to Imlie for pushing her away.

Cheeni says that Imlie is truly her mother's daughter.

The pair leaves Cheeni's room while Atharva stops Imlie and asks her what she thinks about Cheeni's suggestion of them getting back together.

However, Imlie says that they should stay the way they are and Atharva agrees stating, that there is not even one-sided love between them.

Imlie is leaving when she bumps into Anu who angrily tells her that she would have killed her if anything had happened to her Cheeni baby.

Imlie walks to her room while wondering why she isn't able to trust Cheeni truthfully.

Meanwhile, Anu praises Cheeni for her acting of falling from the terrace as there were mattresses downstairs.

Flashback shows Cheeni falling on the mattress and then hiding it before the family arrived.

She throws her medicines out the window while it falls on the pot kept for the bird's water outside Imlie's window.

Imlie notices the medicines and goes to confront Cheeni.

Cheeni tells Anu that she will act well in front of everyone and get Atharva as her trophy.

Imlie cones there and tells Cheeni to tell her the truth which shocks Cheeni.

However, before Cheeni can blurt her truth, Imlie asks her about the medicines.

Anu comes forward and lies that she is the one who threw it as she does not trust Imlie.

Cheeni takes this opportunity and says that Imlie cannot do anything wrong and eats the medicine to prove it to Anu.

Anu scolds Imlie for making Cheeni upset with her and tells her to leave.

However, Imlie is still unable to fully trust Imlie.

The next morning, Cheeni refuses to eat breakfast with the intention to have Atharva come to her and convince her to eat.

At the same time, Arpita makes Imlie sit beside Atharva at the breakfast table and tells him that he has the responsibility to make sure Imlie eats breakfast.

Imlie notices the servant putting the food back and asks him about it, learning that Cheeni refused the breakfast.

Imlie thinks that it is because the breakfast is Daliya and starts making Cheeni's favorite food.

Atharva tries to convince her to eat breakfast and even tries to feed her but she refuses.

Meanwhile, Cheeni sees them and forms another plan as she calls the whole family except the couple in the kitchen to the hall.

She tells them that she has arranged passes for the Love Fest that is happening the next day and tells them that they have to take Imlie and Atharva there since they won't go willingly.

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