Imlie 14th February 2024 Written Update

Imlie 14th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 14th February 2024 episode starts with The police announcing that the rescue team has found the body.

Everyone looks at the dead body covered by a white sheet.
Sonali goes to the body and lifts the white sheet revealing Agastya's face which makes her scream along with everyone else.
Imlie steps back in shock and then starts running away.
She reaches the nearest temple and says in front of the Gods that today she will not bow down in front of them but has come to ask questions.
She asks if she did not have love written in her life then why did they make Imlie meet with Agastya?
She says that if they hated Imlie then they should have taken her life and not Agastya's as he was the light of everyone's life.
By taking his life away, the Gods brought darkness into everyone's life.
Imlie says while yelling that today Radha Rani will have to tell her why did she this.
She says that in order to answer Imlie's question, Radha Rani would have to descend down.
Imlie starts ringing the bell nonstop
The next day, Agastya's funeral rites are going on when Sonali brings Anapoorna who is in a wheelchair.
Sonali tells Govind that Anapoorna has not uttered a word for 2 days

Meanwhile, Imlie is still at the temple and has not eaten anything when she hallucinates Agastya who tells her that he knows she is angry with her but she promises him that she will live her life.

Imlie says that she feels like a living corpse and is just waiting to die.

Agastya says that not all love stories are big or eternal because theirs was small but full.

He says that Imlie will forever have her memories and then says that he is her part now and will forever live within her.

Imlie asks what will she do alone to which Agastya says that she will restart her life and complete her education Imlie says that she wanted to study for Agastya and now there is no use of such things in her life.

Agastya says that it matters to him and then says that Imlie needs to fulfill his dreams too after which he gives her a glass of water.

Later, Imlie goes to Agastya's funeral when Anapoorna stops her and says that she has no right to be there.

Imlie says that she has the right to Agastya's widow and tells everyone that Binni and Agastya's marriage was a fake one.

However, Binni says that her marriage was real which shocks Imlie.

Anapoorna says that Imlie snatched everything from her along with her sister.

Imlie says that this is just a string of bad luck to which Anapoorna says that she is her bad luck.

Anapoorna then throws Imlie out of the house however Sonali holds Imlie and speaks for her.

Anapoorna says that she will not let Imlie's shadow hover over this house anymore.

Imlie looks at Binni who is smiling.

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