Imlie 14th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 14th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imli asking Binni to come along with her, to tell the truth to everyone that she knows the truth about Raghu’s killer.

Binni refuses and says that she does not want to get involved in this matter after which she asks her to look after the matter on her own.

Imli goes to Surya’s room and tells him that Monty is the killer of Raghu as he was having the diamonds after which she asks him to arrest him.

Surya ignores her after which she yells at him and asks why is not taking any action against Monty but Surya does not believe in her.

She asks for the diamonds to catch Monty red-handed after which he gives everything to her and says that she is doing all these things to stop the wedding.

He asks her to get lost from there but she again asks him to listen to her he warns her saying that he will kick her out of the house.

Then, Imlie says that she will bring the truth in front of everyone till the next morning whereas Dadi prepares for the wedding.

Later on the next day, Pandit Ji comes and says that Binni and Surya’s match is not good but Dadi requests him to not say such a thing at least today.

On the other hand, Imli asks Binni to help her after which Binni calls Monty and asks him to take the diamonds from her after which Imli thanks Binni.

Binni asks Imli why is she doing all these things for Chaudraies even after knowing that they hate her after which Imli tells her that it is her family.

Before leaving, Imli tells Binni that she just wants to protect her family from bad things and she goes while Binni regrets her decision to lie to the whole family.

Meanwhile, Surya gets ready for the wedding while Imli secretly takes away the diamonds from Surya’s almirah but she hides when Surya comes there.

Later, Surya asks where is Imli after which Dadi says that she asks her to stay away from her family today after which Pandit Ji begins the ritual of the wedding.

On the other hand, Imli waits for Monty and she goes inside his house and notices that someone has killed him which terrifies her.

Pandit ji asks Surya to apply vermillion on Binni’s forehead whereas Imli shivers seeing Monty lying on the floor with his whole body bleeding.

Binni recalls Imli’s words and tears roll down her eyes whereas Surya’s sister signals him to not apply vermillion after which Binni stands and says that she cannot marry Surya Imli notices that someone is there in Monty’s house.

She tries to go away from there after which that person holds her legs and drags over the floor.

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