Imlie 14th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 14th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 14th September 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 14th September 2023 episode starts with Imlie reaching the dhaba hurriedly and at the same time apologising to her business partner for coming in late.

Imlie cooks

This makes the partner frustrated but Imlie wins him over by checking on the food and adding spice to heighten the taste.

One by one, Imlie gives food to all her customers while her partner asks her why she's working with him.

Imlie states that she wants to be a great chef adding that the stall is the place where she practices cooking food.

However, her mate suggests that Imlie should learn English otherwise she'll not be in a big hotel.

Agastya decides to hold a competition 

On the other hand, Agastya discusses with his associates a cooking competition stating that the candidates should know English.

Jag tells Agastya that it's impossible to find such a candidate in the village but Agastya decides to go on with the competition so that he can find a good chef.

At the stall, Imlie is asked by a customer to give him food leading her to come out with a plate during which Agastya's car drives in.

Imlie gets a pamphlet

Seeing her reflection in the car mirror, Imlie admires herself during which a pamphlet hits the window.

Agastya noticing Imlie, opens the window and tells Imlie that his mirror isn't a public mirror during which the pamphlet hits Imlie's face.

Her face gets hidden by the pamphlet while Agastya asks the driver to start the car leading him to go.

Imlie takes off the pamphlet off her face and hurls abuses at Agastya stating that he's an arrogant person.

She then gives the plate to her customer but eyes the pamphlet in which she had served food to the customer.

Imlie decides to participate in the competition 

Her partner noticing this enquires about what is she looking so intently at making Imlie state that she's trying to read the pamphlet. 

She then takes the pamphlet from the man after which she realises it's a cooking competition announcement. 

Imlie becomes emotional while her partner becomes extremely happy at this after which Imlie leaves for the bar.

The manager saves Imlie

At the bar, Imlie while singing gets harassed by a group of drunkards but she beats them off with the mic stand.

This leads the men to come up on the stage leading to Imlie and the girl's discomfort but the manager fights them off.

The men come down protestingly but get all aware when they hear police sirens and run away.

Imlie thanked the manager for helping her making the manager state that as a brother it was his duty.

This makes Imlie notice the rakhi she had tied in the manager's hand after which she asks why didn't he part with it.

The manager mentions that he didn't want to part with making Imlie emotionally look at him.

Dadi's stern orders

At the Choudhary's, Dadi looks at Agastya's pictures at the bar throwing money notes on Imlie.

However, Agastya enters and tells Dadi that it was Sonali's assistant who had taken him to the bar.

He adds that the money notes were thrown to insult Imlie making Sonali ask him if throwing Rs 50,000 was needed. 

Agastya laughs stating that she can't make some story adding that she's unfit for the business.

Dadi interrupts the duo fighting and sternly tells them to make the business prosperous ethically instead of corrupt.

Imlie practices cooking

At night, Imlie prepares for the cooking competition with her partner, Mama and Ashu as the audience.

After making food, she asks them to check the taste leading Mama, Ashu and her partner to eat the food.

After a while, they praise Imlie's food but Imlie gets unsure since the competition is high.

Hearing this, the trio mention that Imlie will definitely ace the game following which they ask Imlie to join them in eating.

This gives Imlie a ray of hope who thinks that once she wins the competition, all her troubles will be over.

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