Imlie 15th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 15th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 15th January 2024 episode starts with Agastya killing someone to lure Imlie out after which he manically calls out Imlie's name and says that he will keep killing people until Imlie comes out.

He heads towards Vishwa and says that he will now kill Vishwa but before he could slit his throat, Imlie enters while crying and begs him to stop as she is here now.

Agastya stands up and says that he is very much interested in killing her and then picks her up and leaves while Vishwa on the other hand who can't even open his eyes properly crawls towards them.

Vishwa shoots at Agastya's leg however that does not stop him from taking Imlie to an abandoned place where she opens the tape on her face asking if she is okay.

Imlie pushes him behind saying that he tied her the whole way and is now expecting her to be okay with it.

They then go into a flashback where Imlie and Agastya hatch a plan to decide Vishwa by making Agastya pretend to be the killer so that Vishwa admits the truth.

Coming back to reality, Imlie asks if everyone else will be okay to which Agastya says yes.

Imlie then says that Agastya was being very mean to her even in his acting to which Agastya says that it was his star moment and Imlie did the same to him.

Imlie then sees the gun wound which makes Agastya say that he is okay.

She then tears off Agastya's kurta which makes him say that she can't take advantage of him while they are alone.

She asks him to shut up and then drapes the kurta cloth around his wound.

Agastya says that he would have never let Imlie marry Vishwa which makes Imlie ask in amusement why is it so.

Agastya is about to confess his feelings but stops mid-way.

He then gives a phone to Imlie and asks her to make a fake hostage call to the police.

Back at home, Navya tells Anupurna that finally her revenge is fulfilled while Vishwa finds out about Imlie's phone call.

Meanwhile, Imlie is traumatized by seeing the killer's mask which Agastya was using which makes Agastya hide it and apologize to Imlie for not understanding what she was going through.

Agastya says that Imlie is very beautiful but then immediately asks Imlie to shut up as he gets nervous which makes Imlie say while smiling that she did not even say anything.

Imlie then asks him what is going to happen after all of this is over which makes Agastya fetch some wood and light a fireplace where he pulls Imlie to himself and bends over her lips to give her a kiss.

However, before they could kiss, they heard noises outside of the police car.

Agastya asks Imlie to hit him with a rod which makes her say no, he continues to say that it is the key moment of their plan and then takes Imlie's hand to do it himself after which he pretends to faint.

Vishwa and the rest of the policemen enter after which Imlie is taken home while Agastya is arrested.

Annapurna is heartbroken and blames Imlie while crying.

Imlie hugs Sonali while crying and whispers that this is all her plan however Navya stands behind them and realizes that something fishy is going on.

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