Imlie 15th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 15th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 15th March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 15th March 2023 episode starts with Atharva looking at images of Imlie as a child and he encourages Imlie to stay with her forever.

Imlie shows Atharva how she looked when she was a kid, and Atharva taunts Imlie stating she was cute earlier but even cuter today to which Imlie blushes.

Daddu observes them from close the door, thinking how ideal the pair is and how well-suited they are to one another as they laugh and giggle and spend the most precious quality time together.

He additionally requests Sita Maiya that Imlie be shielded and that Atharva and Imlie remain together always.

Imlie then sees a picture of her mother and father, and because of a strong breeze, the lit up 'Diya' (Lamp) is ready to blow off, but Imlie covers it with her hands and Atharva double-protects it.

As a result, Imlie looks at him with a smile, thinking how adorable and caring Atharva is.

Later, Imlie notices her Dadu standing alone by the window and approaches him.

She asks Dadu why he is standing alone and blubbing, and he confirms to Imlie that he is very happy today because Imlie has returned home after such a long time, and her name is like a melodious song.

Meanwhile, Atharva and the Rana family begin making musical sounds, and Imlie invites her Dadu outside to listen to Atharva's music.

After a while of playing, Atharva announces that he is hungry, and Dadu informs everyone that he did not prepare any food, despite the fact that he is making Black millet Khichdi, to which everyone starts laughing.

Dadu slams his head and calls himself stupid after Imlie informs him that the black millet Khichdi takes a long time to prepare.

Atharva claims that boys are not less and today, they will prepare the food for everyone, and as they walk into the kitchen tying a scarf against their heads like farmers, they start preparing the food while making a total mess of the kitchen.

While the Rana family ladies enjoy watching the boys struggle to prepare food, Atharva cooks the meal and Rudra makes the Chapati.

However, after Imlie approves of their dish, the Rana family eats together and has a great time.

Dadu gives them gifts and hands Imlie her mother's gold bangles and her grandmother's anklets.

She bursts into tears and tells Dadu that she will proudly wear them wherever she goes.

While Imlie drives the tractor back to where they had stopped their car, the men in the jeep arrive and point their guns at them, demanding that they hand over all the gold they were wearing.

Imlie is hesitant to give them her mother's bangles, and when one of the men forces himself on her, she twists his hand and kicks him in the stomach.

Meanwhile, Atharva, Rudra, and Manish begin fighting with them but fail, and the men point the gun at the family's ladies.

Imlie demands the ladies to have courage and throw rocks at them in an effort to show that attacking the Rana family's ladies has negative consequences.

The men fall as they throw the rocks, and their guns slip from their grasp.

Imlie picks one up and shoots into the sky, warning the men to flee before she shoots one of them.

While the men are running with the gold, Imlie throws a coconut at one of them.

The men when confronted by Atharva inform them that Dhairya dispatched them to attack the Rana family.

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