Imlie 15th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 15th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Binni saying to everyone that they cannot marry Surya which surprises everyone.

Dadi feels heartbroken after which Binni tells truth to everyone that she had a contract marriage with Augustya to give a name to her child which does not belong to him.

Everyone feels bad for demeaning Imlie whereas Binni says that Imli is a pure soul and asks for an apology from Dadi whereas Imli notices that Raghu is alive,

Binni says that she will leave the house while Surya asks Binni if Imli asked her to say all these things after which Binni takes a stand for Imli and says that she gave her a chance to speak the truth.

She says that if Imlie wanted to demean her then she would have done this on that day when Amrit was saying bad things to her while Sonali noticed that Imlie wasn't at home.

Surya recalls that she would have gone away with the diamonds after which he confirms it by checking whereas Imli tells Raghu that she thought he would have been dead while he asks her to at least they would have checked once whether he was dead or alive.

He yells at her and tries to terrify her which brings fear in her eyes while Surya tells everyone that Imli ran away from there with the diamonds and he asks his men to trace Imli's location.

Nirmala asks Dadi why her family is so dramatic after which Dadi says that she is not aware of anything she asks about this from Malti but she goes from there.

Then, she asks Chutki and Sonali about it after which Chutki tells her that Surya has come there to know about Raghu while Surya reaches where Imli is.

Surya asks Imli to open the door while Imli asks Raghu to stay away from him after which he runs away from there as he gets to know Surya is there.

Just then, Surya comes there and notices that Monty is dead and Imli stands with a knife in her hand after which he becomes shocked to see everything.

Sonali tells everyone that Imli was living along with them just to protect her and Chutki which brings tears to Malti's eyes and she regrets scolding Imli every day.

Dadi realizes her mistake and asks to bring back Imlie while Surya arrests Imli but she tries to justify herself but Surya ignores her. 

He applies tape  on her mouth whereas Malti runs on road and meets with an accident after which she is admitted to hospital.

Sonali calls Surya and informs him about the accident after which he comes to hospital along with Imli and notices that Malti is in critical condition.

Surya feels bad while Imli meets Sonali and Dadi and notices sudden change in Dadi's behaviour and she gets to know that Binni refused to marry Surya.

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