Imlie 15th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 15th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 15th May 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 15th May 2023 episode starts with Atharva bidding goodbye to Kerry while Imlie enters the camp at the same time.

Kerry goes inside while Cheeni tells Atharva that she thinks the camp isn't safe for Kerry.

However, Atharva tells her that she is the one who had convinced him to let Kerry go to this particular camp.

Cheeni reveals that she is scared that Kerry is going away from there since she has refused to come with them for the first time.

Atharva convinces her that Kerry will not go anywhere since they are family.

At the same time, Imlie meets up with Kerry and tells her that she also wanted to meet with her father.

Kerry tells her that she can meet him next time and takes her to play in the playground.

Later, Imlie welcomes the family while Kerry and the children rush to her.

As Imlie is about to introduce them, Kerry says that the knows everyone and calls Rudra as Dadu and Devika as Dadi making their face light up with joy.

As Dhairya brings his luggage, he asks Kerry if she knows who he is.

Kerry states that he must be the guy whose picture Imlie has kept in her locker.

The situation turns weird as Imlie tells Kerry to let their uncle (Dhairya) bring his luggage in and leaves from there with her.

Back at home, Cheeni is worried thinking about how to get Kerry home, Anu calls her and taunts her saying that she knows Imlie and Kerry have met each other.

She tells Cheeni to get Kerry back home or else her made-up family will leave her only.

Cheeni says that she has changed and will not resort to tricks and traps as she disconnects the calls.

Back at camp, Dhairya admires Imlie as she is playing with the kids and rushes to save her before she falls.

Imlie thanks him and leaves while Kerry signals him to come to her.

Dhairya sits beside her while she asks him if he wants to become Prince uncle of her princess Aunty.

He nods and laughs as Kerry suggests he play hide and seek with Imlie to become friends.

He laughs and says that it won't work as Imlie is not looking for him after which Kerry suggests that he sing for Imlie.

She tells him that her pa sings when he is happy and goes to get the tablet to show it to Dhairya.

She searches for Arto and plays the song while Imlie and the rest of the family hear it and get surprised.

The family members start rushing toward the music while the tablet's battery dies.

Imlie recalls the memory when Atharva sang the song for her.

She comes to Dhairya and asks about the song while he makes an excuse that the song was playing on someone's phone.

At night, the watchman gives Kerry Cheeni's purse that she left there and Kerry calls Cheeni to tell her to get it.

As Kerry is walking towards the gates, Rudra stops her and asks her where she is going.

Kerry tells him that she's going to meet her best friend who left her purse when she came to meet her.

He reminds her to take the purse and picks up a picture that fell from it.

Seeing Cheeni and Kerry posing in the picture, Rudra gets shocked and asks Kerry about Cheeni.

Later, Cheeni meets Kerry and tries to convince her to come back while Kerry wonders out loud where Dadu went.

Cheeni gets confused and asks who is Dadu while Rudra comes out saying that Kerry is talking about him.

Before Rudra can question Cheeni, Imlie comes towards them and Cheeni leaves not wanting to come in front of her.

Rudra further inquires whether Imlie has met Kerry's family and Imlie replies that she hasn't met anyone yet but will meet the next day as it's family day in the camp.

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