Imlie 16th April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 16th April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 16th April 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 16th April 2023 episode starts with Imlie telling Devika that she has some work outside so she has to go now.

Devika announces that she knows Atharva is just staying at a friend’s house while Imlie just stands there without saying anything.

Imlie simply states that she has very urgent work outside so she has to and before anyone can ask her anything, she walks away from the house.

However, Imlie’s mission fails as none of the employees can tell her about the owner of the cap despite her numerous urging.

She murmurs to herself that Atharva needs to understand that someone is trying to create a misunderstanding between them, yet now she has no clue about how she will prove this.

As she stands in front of her car, she finds Anu entering a jewelry shop so she follows her inside.

Meanwhile, Anu informs the sales girl inside the jewelry shop that she is looking for a bangle for her grand daughter, and the sales girl asks Anu for the size.

Imlie asks Anu if her hand size is perfect, and Anu replies yes without realizing it is Imlie.

Looking up, Anu gets scared to see Imlie standing in front of her, asking Anu if Cheeni has been released from jail.

Anu stutteringly replies that she is buying the bangles for Cheeni so she can gift them to her once Cheeni comes out of jail while Imlie stares at Anu, unconvinced.

Before Imlie can ask Anu any more questions, she runs away from there, yelling that the bangles are outdated just like Imlie.

Anu calls Cheeni to let her know that she ran into Imlie in the jewelry store which sends Cheeni into panic mode and she cuts the call feeling angry.

Cheeni starts packing her bags furiously while Dhairya suggests that he will move her to a safe place since Imlie will go to the police station only to check if Cheeni is there or not.

However, Dhairya has underestimated Imie as Imlie has directly arrived at Anu's house in the disguise of a sales girl and she enters the house, saying that she is here to show Anu some new designs.

Inside the room, Dhairya orders Cheeni to pack her bags quickly while he goes to start the car and Cheeni nods her head.

Meanwhile, Imlie starts looking around the hall to find any clue that will help her figure out if Cheeni has escaped the jail when she suddenly gets a call from the medicine shop owner who has sent her the video that she asked for.

Imlie takes Mata Sita's blessing, saying that now she will know who has bought the medicines but before she can see the video fully, she trips and the phone slides into Cheeni's room.

Hearing the sound, Cheeni starts walking toward the phone to check to whom it belongs while Dhairya's face plays in the video but suddenly Imlie crawls to the room door.

As Imlie lowers her body to pick up the phone, Cheeni notices the "mangal sutra" on her neck which helps her to identify that this is Imlie so she starts to jump out of the window.

Cheeni knocks the vase due to her hurry which attracts Imlie's attention and Imlie sees Cheeni.

On the other hand, everyone is stressed about Atharva when Rudra walks in with Atharva and Atharva states that now his studio is like a temple as Rudra has stepped foot in it.

Meanwhile, Dhairya and Cheeni are arguing with each other on the road whereas Anu does not let Imlie leave the house.

Imlie tells Anu that Anu and Cheeni are darker than her hair and that today, she will prove it.

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