Imlie 16th August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 16th August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 16th August 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 16th August 2023 episode starts with Imlie and Atharva getting down the stairs when Imlie trips adding to Atharva's worry.

She writhes out in pain and all the Ranas immediately come in worried, deciding to take Imlie to the hospital soon.

On the other hand, the servants reject to make coffee for Anu and leave packing their bags up.

At the other end, Atharva on Shivani's order picks her up and shouts for the car keys but suddenly, hears a jingle.

Anu comes up with a jar, containing the car keys continuously jingling it to Rana's shock.

Shivani and Rudra ask for the car keys, but Anu adds that the cars are hers telling that she'd give the car.

She adds that she will permit them to live in the house only if they follow her conditions.

Shivani tearfully agrees and Anu orders the Ranas to live as servants rubbing off their status as owners.

Atharva shouts but Anu silences him to do as per her orders, only then she'll give the keys.

Imlie gasping for breath agrees following which the car keys are given by Anu to them.

The next morning, Anu catches a glimpse of the Rana family entering and orders them to go to the servant quarters.

Later, the Rana family tends to Imlie, while Rudra tells her that they don't have to live like this adding that he'll take his friend's help.

Imlie compares the Rana household to a temple instilling determination in the Rana's to gain back what is theirs.

Rudra asks for Devika's support while Imlie encourages all of them but is interrupted by Anu who tells them to get back to work.

Later, Anu resentfully eyes the Ranas dressed up as servants and snaps her fingers signaling them to get back to their work.

The Rana family dust and cleans while Anu orders Rudra to dust off the table but he ends up breaking a glass vase.

Anu misbehaves with Rudra triggering Atharva while Anu gaining notice of this tells Atharva to address her as ma'am. 

Atharva tries to fight but when he sees Devika vulnerably apologizing to Anu for cleaning up the mess, he goes silent.

Later, Anu finds Imlie alone and plays with her asking her to clean the desk up of dust and then the dust-filled doors.

Imlie does as bid but suddenly hears Kairi's voice signaling that she's back from school and goes up to her.

Kairi asks for rupees five thousand for her computer classes while Imlie stands shell-shocked. 

Anu hearing this tells Kairi that Imlie and the Ranas are bankrupt and compares them to the beggars.

She adds that if Anu doesn't shelter them their status would be the same as the red light beggars.

Kairi terms Anu to be bad while Anu makes Imlie take rupees five thousand, and orders her to clean up the tea she spilled on purpose near her feet.

Imlie reaches up for it and Atharva asks her to not do so but to no avail since Imlie has sadly, made up her mind. 

She bends down and cleans, while Kairi cries sadly, looking at the Ranas silently for support.

On the other hand, Atharva to search for the papers goes up to the locker in Anu's room but unsuccessfully, triggers an alarm.

Anu comes in and drags Atharva out of her room telling him to move out of the house.

Imlie agrees and tells him to move out to the shock of all the Ranas who insist she not do so.

Imlie states that her decision is backed up by her unborn child following which Atharva goes out.

Devika adds that Imlie didn't do the right thing and moves away with all the Ranas gradually leaves her alone.

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