Imlie 16th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 16th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 16th February 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 16th February 2023 episode starts with Atharva rushing to the hot air balloon area while the rope breaks, making Imlie's balloon float in the air.

Atharva jumps up on a car and manages to hold onto the rope of the hot air balloon while Imlie asks him if he's crazy.

Further, Imlie holds his hand and pulls him up while they get lost in each other's eyes.

Imlie asks Atharva if he's in trouble and he tells her that he could not have sat back when she was in trouble.

She gets angry at him while he questions her why she's angry when it comes to him helping her.

The atmosphere gets romantic around them as the hot air balloon flies up into the air where it has an orange hue.

Imlie disregards Atharva's concern for her and tells him that she would have been responsible if something had happened to them.

The Rana family gets surprised and happy to see Imlie and Atharva on the hot air balloon.

Imlie and Atharva fall as the balloon's gas pipe that starts leaking, making them scared.

Imlie pulls off her watch and tightly tucks it around the leaked gas pipe.

Atharva converses with Imlie and does a shayri with her while indirectly confessing to her.

Imlie does the same and then the situation becomes awkward, making Atharva frustrated.

He asks her how she celebrates Valentine's Day normally and she jokes that she cleans the house to mess with him.

She further reveals that she has never celebrated Valentine's day and had thought she will celebrate it after her marriage.

Again the awkwardness comes and Imlie jokes that Valentine's Day does not suit her.

Atharva tells her that everything suits her while Imlie sees the roses and talks about how she saw people confessing to their loved ones with roses.

Atharva plucks out a red rose and proposes to Imlie while telling her that she herself said that one can propose to their loved ones.

The family gets happy thinking that the pair is proposing while Cheeni gets annoyed, saying that all her plan is turning against her.

Atharva tells Imlie that she is not that bad of a friend and tells her to accept the rose while telling her 'I Friend You'.

However, Imlie ignores giving the answer and gets worried about being so high up in the air.

Atharva tells her to look around her and she gets shocked to see that they are in between the clouds.

Imlie finally accepts his rose and tells him 'I Friend You Too' while he clicks a picture to capture the moment.

Atharva further convinces Imlie to dance with him and she gets agrees as they both forget that they are friends and not a couple.

However, the gas starts leaking again, making them scared for real.

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